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Coaching Club American Oaks

Grade I race
Coaching Club American Oaks
Location Saratoga Race Course
Saratoga Springs, New York, United States
Inaugurated 1917
Race type ThoroughbredFlat racing
Website Saratoga
Race information
Distance 1 1/8 miles (9 furlongs)
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-old fillies
Weight 121 lb (54.9 kg)
Purse $250,000

The Coaching Club American Oaks is a race for thoroughbred three-year old fillies and the second leg of the Triple Tiara of Thoroughbred Racing. Originally run at Belmont Park, the Grade I $250,000 stakes race was moved to Saratoga Race Course in 2010.

Run as a handicap prior to 1928, the race is named in honor of the Coaching Club of America. One of the requirements for membership in this club was the ability to handle a coach and four horses with a single group of reins. August Belmont, Jr. set the original conditions in order to emulate the Epsom Oaks in England.

From 1963 to 1967 the Coaching Club American Oaks was run at Aqueduct Racetrack. Over the years, it has been raced at various distances:

  • 1917, 2010- : 9 furlongs
  • 1990-1997, 2003-2009 : 10 furlongs
  • 1919-1941, 1944-1958 : 11 furlongs
  • 1942-1943, 1971-1989, 1998-2003 : 12 furlongs


Historical notes

Future U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee Mom's Command won the 1985 Oaks under jockey Abigail Fuller, daughter of the horse's owner, Peter Fuller.


Speed record: (at previous distance of 1¼ miles (10f))

(A new time will be established in 2010)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:








2009 Funny Moon Alan Garcia Christophe Clement Mrs. C. Wilson McNeely III 2:02.44
2008 Music Note Javier Castellano Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin Racing 2:01.66
2007 Octave John R. Velazquez Todd A. Pletcher Starlight Stables/Lucarell 2:02.17
2006 Wonder Lady Anne L Edgar Prado Rick Dutrow IEAH Stables 2:04.63
2005 Smuggler Edgar Prado C. R. McGaughey III Phipps Stable 2:04.39
2004 Ashado John R. Velazquez Todd A. Pletcher Starlight/Saylor/Martin 2:02.43
2003 Spoken Fur Jerry D. Bailey Robert J. Frankel Amerman Racing Stable 2:31.02
2002 Jilbab Mike Luzzi Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin Stable 2:31.48
2001 Tweedside John R. Velazquez Todd A. Pletcher Eugene Melnyk 2:30.70
2000 Jostle Mike E. Smith John Servis Fox Hill Farms 2:29.99
1999 On a Soapbox Jerry D. Bailey Niall M. O'Callaghan Grimm & Voss 2:29.31
1998 Banshee Breeze Jerry D. Bailey Carl Nafzger James B. Tafel 2:31.56
1997 Ajina Mike E. Smith William I. Mott Allen E. Paulson 2:00.40
1996 My Flag Jerry D. Bailey C. R. McGaughey III Ogden Phipps 2:04.64
1995 Golden Bri Jose A. Santos John C. Kimmel Hilmer C.Schmidt 2:03.86
1994 Two Altazano Jose A. Santos Michael Stidham Harold V. Goodman 2:02.88
1993 Sky Beauty Mike E. Smith H. Allen Jerkens Georgia E. Hofmann 2:01.56
1992 Turnback the Alarm Chris Antley William V. Terrill Valley View Farm 2:03.53
1991 Lite Light Corey Nakatani Jerry Hollendorfer Oaktown Stable 2:00.54
1990 Charon Craig Perret Eugene Navarro Stanley M. Ersoff 2:02.60
1989 Open Mind Angel Cordero, Jr. D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 2:32.40
1988 Goodbye Halo Jorge Velasquez Charles Whittingham Arthur B. Hancock III 2:32.80
1987 Fiesta Gal Angel Cordero, Jr. D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 2:31.00
1986 Valley Victory Randy Romero Leo O'Brien Richard N. Dick 2:28.00
1985 Mom's Command Abigail Fuller Edward T. Allard Peter Fuller 2:32.00
1984 Class Play Jean Cruguet Leroy Jolley Peter M. Brant 2:29.80
1983 High Schemes Jean-Luc Samyn Philip G. Johnson Joseph Morrisey, Jr. 2:30.20
1982 Christmas Past Jacinto Vasquez Angel Penna, Jr. Cynthia Phipps 2:28.60
1981 Wayward Lass Cash Asmussen Jose A. Martin Flying Zee Stable 2:28.20
1980 Bold 'n Determined Ed Delahoussaye Neil Drysdale Saron Stable 2:31.80
1979 Davona Dale Jorge Velasquez John M. Veitch Calumet Farm 2:30.00
1978 Lakeville Miss Ruben Hernandez Jose A. Martin Randolph Weinsier 2:29.40
1977 Our Mims Jorge Velasquez John M. Veitch Calumet Farm 2:29.40
1976 Revidere Jacinto Vasquez David A. Whiteley William Haggin Perry 2:28.40
1975 Ruffian Jacinto Vasquez Frank Y. Whiteley, Jr. Locust Hill Farm 2:27.80
1974 Chris Evert Jorge Velasquez Joseph A. Trovato Carl Rosen 2:28.80
1973 Magazine Angel Cordero, Jr. Victor J. Nickerson Elmendorf Farm 2:27.80
1972 Summer Guest Ron Turcotte J. Elliott Burch Rokeby Stable 2:29.40
1971 Our Cheri Amour Jack Kurtz Joseph G. Moos Helen D. Vizzi 2:29.80
1970 Missile Belle Pete D. Anderson Woody Stephens John A. Morris 2:03.80
1969 Shuvee Jesse Davidson Willard C. Freeman Anne Minor Stone 2:03.20
1968 Dark Mirage Manuel Ycaza Everett W. King Lloyd I. Miller 2:01.80
1967 Quillo Queen Ernest Cardone James E. Picou Martin Andersen 2:03.40
1966 Lady Pitt Walter Blum Stephen A. DiMauro Golden Triangle Stable 2:05.00
1965 Marshua Ray Broussard Norman R. McLeod Mrs. Wallace Gilroy 2:02.60
1964 Miss Cavandish Howard Grant Roger Laurin Harry S. Nichols 2:04.00
1963 Lamb Chop Heliodoro Gustines James W. Maloney William Haggin Perry 2:02.80
1962 Bramalea Bobby Ussery James P. Conway Darby Dan Farm 2:02.60
1961 Bowl of Flowers Eddie Arcaro J. Elliott Burch Brookmeade Stable 2:03.20
1960 Berlo Eric Guerin Richard E. Handlen Foxcatcher Farm 2:04.20
1959 Resacara Manuel Ycaza Buddy Hirsch King Ranch 2:02.40
1958 A Glitter Ismael Valenzuela Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:20.00
1957 Williamette John Choquette Casey Hayes Christopher Chenery 2:16.60
1956 Levee Hedley Woodhouse Norman R. McLeod Vernon G. Cardy 2:16.60
1955 High Voltage Ted Atkinson James E. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 2:17.60
1954 Cherokee Rose Henry Moreno Eddie Hayward Cain Hoy Stable 2:19.60
1953 Grecian Queen Eric Guerin James P. Conway Mrs. Ben F. Whitaker 2:18.60
1952 Real Delight Eddie Arcaro Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:17.80
1951 How Eddie Arcaro Horatio Luro Herman B. Delman 2:16.60
1950 Next Move Eric Guerin William C. Winfrey Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 2:15.80
1949 Wistful Steve Brooks Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:19.60
1948 Scattered Warren Mehrtens Max Hirsch King Ranch 2:18.80
1947 Harmonica John Adams Max Hirsch John J. Watts 2:18.20
1946 Hypnotic Paul Miller James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 2:18.80
1945 Elpis John Adams Frank J. Kearns William G. Helis 2:18.40
1944 Twilight Tear Conn McCreary Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:21.00
1943 Too Timely George Woolf Max Hirsch King Ranch 2:35.00
1942 Vagrancy Thomas Malley James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 2:31.60
1941 Level Best Alfred Robertson not found Crispin Oglebay 2:17.60
1940 Damaged Goods John Gilbert J. M. Milburn Starmount Stable 2:19.00
1939 War Plumage Nick Wall Howard Oots James Cox Brady, Jr. 2:16.80
1938 Creole Maid Harry Richards Preston M. Burch Sarah F. Jeffords 2:20.80
1937 Dawn Play Lester Balaski Max Hirsch King Ranch 2:18.60
1936 High Fleet John Gilbert Bert Mulholland George D. Widener, Jr. 2:19.60
1935 Black Helen Don Meade Bill Hurley Edward R. Bradley 2:18.80
1934 Lady Reigh Don Meade James E. Fitzsimmons Elsie Cassatt Stewart 2:18.80
1933 Edelweiss John Gilbert James E. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 2:20.60
1932 Top Flight Raymond Workman Thomas J. Healey C. V. Whitney 2:20.20
1931 Tambour Frank Coltiletti Preston M. Burch Preston M. Burch 2:20.40
1930 Snowflake Louis Schaefer Jack R. Pryce Walter J. Salmon, Sr. 2:18.40
1929 Sweet Verbena John Maiben John Sims Wallace Lone Star Stable 2:18.00
1928 Bateau Earl Sande Scott P. Harlan Walter M. Jeffords 2:24.00
1927 Nimba Harold Thurber George M. Odom Marshall Field III 2:19.80
1926 Edith Cavell Frank Coltiletti Scott P. Harlan Walter M. Jeffords 2:20.60
1925 Florence Nightingale Lawrence McDermott Robert A. Smith Walter M. Jeffords 2:17.80
1924 Princess Doreen Harry Stutts Kay Spence Audley Farm 2:19.20
1923 How Fair Albert Johnson Louis Feustel August Belmont, Jr. 2:18.40
1922 Prudish L. Morris James G. Rowe, Sr. Harry Payne Whitney 2:18.40
1921 Flambette Earl Sande John H. McCormack P. A. Clark 2:17.40
1920 Cleopatra Linus McAtee William H. Karrick William R. Coe 2:18.80
1919 Polka Dot Lavelle Ensor W. Hogan P. A. Clark 2:20.20
1918 Rose d'Or Lavelle Ensor A. Jack Joyner George D. Widener, Jr. 2:06.60
1917 Wistful I W. O'Brien James H. McCormick James Butler 1:53.60



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