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Counting the "Cost"

Counting the "Cost"


In today's economy the "backyard breeder" will probably never get rich breeding horses.  In fact it is sometimes hard to recoup all the money spent, and you are lucky if you break even.  So, if you are even considering breeding your horse, there are several things you might want to think about first.


Like most businesses, you must have an initial investment and then there are lots of hidden costs.  Besides the stud fee, there will be mare care costs, expensive vitamin and mineral supplements, increased feeding costs, and higher veterinary bills. Fencing that might prove adequate for an adult horse may have to be replaced with something safer for an inexperienced and inquisitive foal who will undoubtedly test the boundaries. Remember, raising a foal to adulthood takes a lot of time and energy.  If you have no experience in training and breaking horses to ride, the price of a good horse trainer must be added to your tally of costs.


Then too, unless you have a horse with excellent conformation, a positive temperament, and an impressive pedigree, you may end up with a colt or filly that no one wants to buy; should you decide to sell sometime in the future.


Just as thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens are euthanized every year, far too many healthy young horses end up in the meat market as dog food.  So Please.  Breed Responsibly.


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