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Derby (horse race)

A derby (pronounced "dar-bee" /dɑːbɪ/ in most of the English-speaking world and "dur-bee" /dɚbɪ/ in North American English) is a type of horse race, named after the Epsom Derby, still run at Epsom racecourse in England. It was in turn named for Edward Smith-Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby, who inaugurated the race in 1780. Probably the best-known example in the United States is the Kentucky Derby.

Traditionally, the term "derby" is used strictly to refer to races restricted to three-year-olds, as the English and U.S. Triple Crown races all are. The most notable exceptions to this rule are the Hong Kong Derby and Singapore Derby, restricted to four-year-old Thoroughbreds, and the Canadian Pacing Derby, an annual harness race for "aged pacers" (Standardbreds) four years old and up.

The race is also a popular 'upper crust' sport in India, with races being held in Mumbai, Bangalore and Mysore.

By extension from horse racing, derby is also used for any type of individual competitive event, such as a roller derby. In Britain, it is used (often in the form local derby) to mean a football match between local rival teams. For example, the Liverpool derby is Liverpool versus Everton. This usage derives from the traditional rivalry between Derby City and Derby County football teams and their annual match. The term "local derby", in turn, has been extended to football and other sports in other parts of the world (although typically not in North America).

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