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Desmond Stakes

The Desmond Stakes is a Group 3 flat horse race in Ireland which is open to thoroughbreds aged three years or older. It is run at the Curragh over a distance of 1 mile (1,609 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in August.

The event was held at the Curragh prior to 2002, but it then began a period at Leopardstown. It returned to its former venue in 2009.

Winners since 1986






1986 Wise Counsellor 3 Pat Eddery Vincent O'Brien 1:40.70
1987 Entitled 3 Cash Asmussen Vincent O'Brien 1:37.30
1988 Totem 3 Christy Roche David O'Brien 1:49.00
1989 Llyn Gwynant 4 Declan Gillespie John Dunlop 1:34.30
1990 Kostroma 4 Stephen Craine Tommy Stack 1:37.30
1991 Star of Gdansk 3 Christy Roche Jim Bolger 1:36.30
1992 Via Borghese 3 Willie Carson Vincent O'Brien 1:41.00
1993 Asema 3 Michael Kinane Dermot Weld 1:46.20
1994 Bin Ajwaad [1] 4 Lester Piggott Ben Hanbury 1:36.40
1995 Mr Martini [2] 5 Brett Doyle Clive Brittain 1:37.10
1996 Idris 6 Kevin Manning Jim Bolger 1:38.40
1997 Swift Gulliver 3 Kevin Manning Jim Bolger 1:38.80
1998 Second Empire 3 Christy Roche Aidan O'Brien 1:35.60
1999 Haami 4 John Reid John Dunlop 1:40.40
2000 Golden Silca 4 Johnny Murtagh Mick Channon 1:41.70
2001 Hawkeye 3 Michael Kinane Aidan O'Brien 1:45.20
2002 Dress to Thrill 3 Pat Smullen Dermot Weld 1:38.80
2003 Refuse to Bend 3 Pat Smullen Dermot Weld 1:37.30
2004 Ace 3 Jamie Spencer Aidan O'Brien 1:37.30
2005 Caradak 4 Michael Kinane John Oxx 1:38.30
2006 King Jock 5 Pat Shanahan Robbie Osborne 1:40.80
2007 She's Our Mark 3 Danny Grant Pat Flynn 1:42.69
2008 Carribean Sunset 3 Pat Smullen Dermot Weld 1:44.32
2009 Famous Name 4 Pat Smullen Dermot Weld 1:42.79

1 Heart Lake finished first in 1994, but he was relegated to last place following a Stewards' Inquiry.
2 Ivory Frontier and Timarida were first and second in 1995, but the race was awarded to the third-placed horse.


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