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Devon Horse Show

File:Sidesaddle jumping devon pa.jpg
Rider jumping in a sidesaddle class at the Devon Horse Show.

The Devon Horse Show, also known as The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is an annual horse show which has been held late May through early June in Devon, Pennsylvania since 1896. It is the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed horse show in the U.S..[1] The event serves as a fundraiser for Bryn Mawr Hospital.[2]

Dressage at Devon is also held on the Devon Horse Show grounds, taking place September 26th through the 30th.[3]



The Devon Horse Show is a widely enjoyed event that takes place each year, year round. Many people come from all across the globe just to see this event[citation needed]. Many foreign equestrians have competed at this popular show ground.

Since 1896, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair has promoted horsemanship and horse breeding for conformation, performance and speed. The show is the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed horse competition in the United States. The ideas and activities that were put into the early Devon Horse Show are much different from today's.

The original idea was for a one day event, no more, no less. The first horse show was held on July 2, 1896. The chosen location was the Devon Race track and Polo Grounds. The show consisted of thirty classes, the largest class having only ten entries. The fenced-in show ring was constructed on grass and the judges and officials sat in a gazebo in the center. Today, there is a fenced-in sand ring and there are at least five judges' booths or stands sitting on the outside of the main arena.The Devon Horse Show grounds hosts two main rings, the Dixon Oval and the Gold Ring. The Dixon Oval is the main arena surrounded by the grandstands with the famous gateway reading "Where the Champions Meet." The smaller Gold Ring hosts the more populous classes such as pony breeding classes, Pessoa Medal, Regular Pony Hunters, as well as Local Hunters.

The Devon Horse Show has in-hand, jumpers, hunters, carriages, and gaited events.

Their Cause

The Devon Horse Show is not in the business just for the profit. It also gives a little by supporting a major cause. Conceived just three years after the Hospital, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is a main line institution, one of the world's premier equestrian events. It is also the largest fund-raising event for the benefit of Bryn Mawr Hospital.

The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair has benefited Bryn Mawr Hospital since 1919. Since 1972, Devon has contributed over $10 million to Bryn Mawr Hospital, to support projects such as the Emergency Center, the Maternal-Fetal Medicine program and the Outpatient Diagnostic Center.


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