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Discovery Handicap

Grade III race
Discovery Handicap
Location Aqueduct Racetrack,
Queens, New York, United States
Inaugurated 1945
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.nyra.com
Race information
Distance 1⅛ miles (9 furlongs)
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds
Weight Assigned
Purse $100,000.

The Discovery Handicap is an American Thoroughbred horse race held annually during the latter part of November at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, New York. A Grade III event open to three-year-old horses, it is contested on dirt over a distance of one and one eighth miles (nine furlongs).

In its 66th running in 2010, the race honors the great Discovery, the 1935 American Horse of the Year owned and raced by Alfred G. Vanderbilt II. In the list of the top 100 U.S. thoroughbred champions of the 20th Century by Blood-Horse magazine, Discovery ranks 37th.

Based at Aqueduct, the Discovery Handicap was inaugurated at Belmont Park where it was run from 1945-1958, and again in 1960-1961, 1968-1970. In one year, 1974, the race was run in two divisions. In 2005 it was contested at a distance of a mile and one sixteenth.


Speed record:

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:







2009 Haynesfield Ramon Dominguez Steve Asmussen Turtle Bird Stable 1:50.10
2008 Wishful Tomcat Ramon Dominguez Gary C. Contessa Winter Park Partners 1:53.28
2007 Now a Victor John Velazquez Michael Trombetta Three Diamonds Farm 1:50.15
2006 Roman Dynasty John Velazquez Todd A. Pletcher Allen E. Paulson Trust 1:51.11
2005 Magna Graduate John Velazquez Todd A. Pletcher Elisabeth Alexander 1:41.35
2004 Zakocity Javier Castellano Patrick L. Reynolds Paul Pompa, Jr. 1:49.78
2003 During Jose A. Santos Bob Baffert James McIngvale 1:51.18
2002 Saint Marden Jerry D. Bailey Michael R. Matz Schwartz, Drazin 1:49.13
2001 Evening Attire Shaun Bridgmohan Patrick J. Kelly Mary Grant 1:48.62
2000 Left Bank John Velazquez Todd A. Pletcher Michael B. Tabor 1:47.30
1999 Adonis John Velazquez Nick Zito Paraneck Stable 1:50.11
1998 Early Warning Jorge F. Chavez Todd A. Pletcher Dogwood Stable 1:48.94
1997 Mr. Sinatra Mike E. Smith Gasper Moschera Barbara J. Davis 1:49.55
1996 Gold Fever Mike E. Smith Claude R. McGaughey III Cynthia Phipps 1:49.01
1995 Michael's Star Julie Krone Guadalupe Preciado William Wheeler 1:50.34
1994 Serious Spender Jorge F. Chavez Dominick A. Schettino John Caputo 1:51.24
1993 Prospector's Flag Jorge F. Chavez Nick Zito Akindale Farm 1:52.30
1992 New Deal Robbie Davis William Badgett, Jr Greentree Stable 1:48.08
1991 Upon My Soul Jean-Luc Samyn Richard Violette, Jr. Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 1:49.60
1990 Sports View Jose A. Santos D. Wayne Lukas Edward A. Cox , Jr. 1:48.60
1989 Tricky Creek Craig Perret George R. Arnold III Ashbrook Farm 1:50.00
1988 Dynaformer Angel Cordero, Jr. D. Wayne Lukas H. Joseph Allen 1:50.00
1987 Parochial Julie Krone Robert Klesaris Glenn E. Lane 1:51.20
1986 Moment of Hope Mike Venezia Bob Dunham Four Fifths Stable 1:49.60
1985 Proud Truth Jorge Velasquez John M. Veitch Darby Dan Farms 1:49.20
1984 Key to the Moon Dan Beckon Gil Rowntree Bahnam K. Yousif 1:50.00
1983 Country Pine Jerry D. Bailey Thomas L. Rondinello Daniel M. Galbreath 1:49.60
1982 Trenchant Jean-Luc Samyn Philip G. Johnson Meadowhill 1:50.80
1981 Princelet Eddie Maple John P. Campo John P. Campo 1:51.00
1980 Fappiano Angel Cordero, Jr. Jan H. Nerud John A. Nerud 1:50.00
1979 Belle's Gold Angel Cordero, Jr. Walter A. Kelley John R. Murrell 1:48.00
1978 Sorry Lookin Roger Velez Pete D. Anderson Pete D. Anderson 1:49.60
1977 Cox's Ridge Eddie Maple Joseph B. Cantey Loblolly Stable 1:48.60
1976 Wise Philip Daryl Montoya William Boland Ruth E. Streit 1:48.60
1975 Dr. Emil Braulio Baeza William F. Schmitt Herbert Kaufman 1:48.60
1974 Rube the Great Angel Cordero, Jr. Pancho Martin Sigmund Sommer 1:48.20
1974 Green Gambados Angel Cordero, Jr. Laz Barrera Harbor View Farm 1:48.20
1973 Forego Heliodoro Gustines Eddie Hayward Lazy F Ranch 1:47.20
1972 Forage Eddie Maple James W. Maloney William Haggin Perry 1:48.60
1971 Autobiography Laffit Pincay, Jr. Pancho Martin Sigmund Sommer 1:50.40
1970 Burd Alane Jorge Velasquez Victor J. Nickerson Watermill Farm 1:47.40
1969 Hydrologist Doug Thomas Roger Laurin Meadow Stable 1:47.60
1968 Ardoise Eddie Belmonte Angel Penna, Sr. Gustave Ring 1:49.20
1967 Bold Hour Bill Shoemaker Bert Mulholland George D. Widener, Jr. 1:48.60
1966 Deck Hand † Bill Shoemaker Scotty Schulhofer John M. Schiff 1:49.60
1965 Sammyren Heliodoro Gustines Burley Parke Harbor View Farm 1:49.00
1964 Roman Brother Fernando Alvarez Burley Parke Harbor View Farm 1:49.00
1963 Quest Link Bill Shoemaker Robert D. Wingfield William Radkovich 1:49.80
1962 Comic Larry Adams James E. Fitzsimmons Ogden Phipps 1:48.60
1961 Ambiopoise Bill Shoemaker Thomas M. Waller Robert Lehman 1:48.80
1960 Kelso Eddie Arcaro Carl Hanford Bohemia Stable 1:48.40
1959 Middle Brother Eddie Arcaro E. Barry Ryan Mrs. E. Barry Ryan 1:50.60
1958 Warhead Eddie Arcaro Kay Erik Jensen Mrs. Mabel C. Scholtz 1:51.20
1957 Ben Lomand Eddie Arcaro James E. Ryan Esther du Pont Thouron 1:49.20
1956 Reneged Ismael Valenzuela Homer C. Pardue Woodley Lane Farm 1:48.20
1955 Westward Ho Conn McCreary not found Breckenridge Long 1:52.80
1954 Chevation Eric Guerin Richard E. Handlen Foxcatcher Farm 1:50.00
1953 Level Lea Bennie Green James E. Fitzsimmons John S. Phipps 1:52.00
1952 Ancestor Ted Atkinson James E. Fitzsimmons Ogden Phipps 1:50.80
1951 Alerted Ovie Scurlock Jimmy Penrod Hampton Stable 1:50.40
1950 Sunglow Douglas Dodson Preston M. Burch Brookmeade Stable 1:49.00
1949 Prophets Thumb Dave Gorman Max Hirsch King Ranch 1:52.20
1948 Better Self Dave Gorman Max Hirsch King Ranch 1:53.80
1947 Cosmic Bomb Ovie Scurlock Willie Booth William G. Helis, Sr. 1:51.20
1946 Mighty Story Basil James Burley Parke John Marsch 1:51.80
1945 War Jeep Arnold Kirkland Tom Smith Maine Chance Farm 1:51.40

* † In 1966, Ring Twice finished first, but was disqualified.



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