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Dismounting A Horse

Dismounting A Horse






Dismounting A Horse

How to Dismount a Horse

Dismounting a horse like a greenhorn can be embarrassing, and more important, dangerous. Follow these steps carefully so that both you and your horse walk away uninjured.
Step 1:
 Bring the horse to a complete stop.

Step 2:
Holding the reins in your left hand, put both hands on the saddle pommel or on the horse's neck.

Step 3:
Stand up in the stirrups.

Step 4:
 Swing your right leg over the horse's rump. As you bring your leg over, move your right hand from the pommel to the cantle, or back of the saddle.

Step 5:
Pause while balancing on your hands, and kick your left foot free of the stirrup iron.

Step 6:
 Push lightly away from the horse and drop to the ground.

Step 7:
Slide the stirrup irons up the back strap of the stirrups, and tuck the loose ends into the irons.

Tips & Warnings:

Horseback riding is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death. We recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before attempting this activity.



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