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Dixie Stakes top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Dixie Stakes, at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, an American grade 2 thoroughbred horse race run at 1-1/8 miles on the turf. The race was the second leg of the former "Triple Turf.".[1]


First Place

Second Place

Third Place


2010 Strike a Deal Just as Well Rahystrada 12
2009 Parading Just As Well Wesley 11
2008 Pays to Dream Stay Close Ra Der Dean 9
2007 Remarkable News Cosmonaught Outperformance 11
2006 Better Talk Now Dreadnaught Artie Schiller 7
2005 Cool Conductor Artie Schiller Good Reward 5
2004 Mr. O'Brien Millenium Dragon Warleigh 11
2003 Dr. Brendler Perfect Soul Sardaukar 6
2002 Strut the Stage Del Mar Show Slew the Red 7
2001 Hap Make No Mistake Cynics Beware 8
2000 Quiet Resolve Haami Holditholditholdit 9
1999 Middlesex Drive Sky Colony Divide and Conquer 10
1998 Yagli Sky Colony Blazing Sword 12
1997 Ops Smile Brave Note Sharp Appeal 8
1996 Gold and Steel Same Old Wish Comstock Lode 9
1995 The Vid Pennine Ridge Blue's Traveller 6
1994 Paradise Creek Lure Astudillo 5
1993 Lure Star of Cozzene Binary Light 8
1992 Sky Classic Fourstars Allstar Social Retiree 10
1991 Double Booked Chas' Whim Opening Verse 9
1990 Two Moccassins My Big Boy Marksmanship 10
1989 Coeur de Lion Dance Card Filled Dynaformer 10
1988 Kadial Top Guest Milesius 5
1987 Akabir Little Bold John Vilzak 9
1986 Uptown Swell Southern Sultan Carlypha 13
1985 Nassipour Persian Tiara Computer's Choice 8
1984 Persian Tiara Crazy Moon Canadian Factor 8
1983 Khatango London Times Super Sunrise 10
1982 Robsphere Present the Colors Rich and Ready 13
1981 El Barril Buckpoint Birthday List 9
1980 Marquee Universal The Very One Match the Hatch 14
1979 The Very One That's a Nice Fluorescent Light 8
1978 Fluorescent Light That's a Nice Improviser 7
1978 Bowl Game Oilfield Trumpeter Swan 9
1977 Improviser Grey Beret Oilfield 12
1976 Barcas One On the Aisle Neapolitan Way 9
1975 Bemo Outdoors Drollery 13
1974 London Company Scrimscaw Mister Diz 9
1973 Laplander Chrisaway Wustenchef 10
1972 Onandaga Star Envoy New Alibhai 12
1971 Chompion Tudor Reward North Flight 10
1970 Fort Marcy War Censor Jungle Cove 9
1969 Czar Alexander Taneb Jean-Pierre
1968 High Hat Irish Rebellion Royal Malabar
1967 War Censor Deck Hand Needle Him
1966 Knightly Manner Marchio Paoluccio
1965 Or et Argent Kentucky Jug Desert Love
1964 Will I Rule Turbo Jet II Your Alibhai
1963 Cedar Key Mr Steu Parka
1962 Wise Ship Sunshine Cake El Bandido
1961 Hunter's Rock Shield Bearer Art Market
1960 Shield Bearer Harmonizing Mystic II
1959 One-Eyed King Oligarchy Mystic II
1958 Pop Corn Master Boing Adare II
1957 Akbar Khan Jabneh Blue Choir
1956 Chevation Akbar Khan Maharaiah
1955 St. Vincent Kaster Maharaiah
1954 Straight Face Golden Gloves Capeador
1953 Royal Vale Cold Command Crafty Admiral
1952 Altered Auditing Hull Down
1951 County Delight On The Mark Why Not Now
1950 Loser Weeper Double Brandy Going Away
1949 Chains Contest Pilaster
1948 Fervent Stymie Incline
1947 Assault Rico Monte Talon
1946 Armed Stymie Trymenow
1945 Rounders He Rolls Gay Bit
1944 Sun Again Rounders Alquest
1943 Riverland Attention Anticlimax
1942 Whirlaway Attention Mioland
1941 Haltal Mioland Dit
1940 Honey Cloud Filisteo Aethelwold
1939 Sir Damion Tatterdemalion Jacola
1938 Pompoon Busy K. M'ked General
1937 Calumet Dick Finance Aneroid
1936 Dark Hope Good Goods Gallant Mac
1935 Only One Head Play Howard
1934 Equipoise Chatmoss Fla'g Mamie
1933 Stepenfetchit Keep Out Tred Avon
1932 Gallant Knight Sun Meadow Aegis
1931 Paul Bunyan Frisus William T
1930 Sandy Ford Inception Sir Harry
1929 Diavolo Victorian Display
1928 Mike Hall Scapa Flow Sir Harry
1927 Mars Display Edisto
1926 Sarazen Sun Pal G. Thatcher
1925 Sarazen Spot Cash Joy Smoke
1924 Chacloet Martingale Rev. Agent
1923-to No Race No Race No Race 0
1905 No Race No Race No Race 0
1904 The Southerner Ostrich Andrew Mack
1903 Colonsay none none
1902 Adelaide Prince Potheen Flintlock
1901-to No Race No Race No Race 0
1889 No Race No Race No Race 0
1888 Taragon Marauder Tea Tray
1887 Hanover Glenmound none
1886 The Bard Blue Wing Wheatley
1885 East Lynne Richmond Longview
1884 Loftin Blast Thackeray
1883 George Kinney Trafalgar Gonfalon
1882 Monarch Hilarity Blenheim
1881 Crickmore Eole Barrett
1880 Grenada Oden Ferncliffe
1879 Monitor Lord Murphy Harold
1878 Duke of Magenta Bonnie Wood Spartan
1877 King Faro Major Barker Susquehanna
1876 Vigil Parole Heretog
1875 Tom Ochiltree Viator Joe Cerns
1874 Vandalite Madge Brigand
1873 Tom Bowling Merodac Lizzie Lucas
1872 Hubbard Joe Daniels True Blue
1871 Harry Bassett none none
1870 Preakness Ecliptic Foster

A designates an Breeders Cup winner.


  1. 2007 Maryland Jockey Club Media Guide, page 52 on March 3, 2007.

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