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Dominion Handicap

Group I race
Location Addington Raceway
Christchurch, New Zealand
Inaugurated 1911
Race type Standardbred - Flat racing
Website Addington Raceway
Race information
Distance 3200m (2 miles)
Track Oval dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds and up
Purse NZ $300,000

The Dominion is a race held at the Addington Raceway each year in Christchurch, New Zealand for standardbred horses. It is worth $300,000 and is run in November over a distance of 3200 m. It is one of the major harness races for trotters rather than pacers. Another similar race is the Rowe Cup held each May in Auckland. [1]



Most wins:

Most wins by a driver:

  • 7 - Anthony Butt (1987, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007)
  • 4 - J Bryce (1916, 1919, 1928, 1929)

Winners list

DOMINION HANDICAP (Handicap Race for Trotters, 3200m, $300,000) Run annually in May at Addington Raceway







2008 Stig fr T G Butt, Mrs A Butt, J S Boyd, R G Thomas David Butt 4:06.4
2007 Mountbatten fr Foxtrot Synd/P G Darby/K F Schmack/Mrs B M Hickman Anthony Butt 4:07.6
2006 Whatsundermykilt fr Mrs C L Smith/Mrs P A Fairbairn/G H Morris/T W Welham Shane Walkinshaw 4:08.9
2005 Pompallier fr Mrs J L Brosnan, Mrs M M Gibson Colin De Filippi 4:10.5
2004 Lyell Creek 10 m Mrs K L Butt, G A V Bruton, The Creek Syndicate Anthony Butt 4:08.9
2003 Take A Moment 15 m Long Drive Syndicate Anthony Butt 4:05.5
2002 Martina H Fr K D Marr, Mrs K Seu, S L Herewini, I D Malcolm Derek Balle 4:08.5
2001 Take A Moment 10 m Long Drive Syndicate Anthony Butt 4:09.6
2000 Lyell Creek 15 m A M Butt, G A V Bruton Anthony Butt 4:06.1
1999 Lyell Creek fr G A V Bruton Anthony Butt 4:14.4
1998 Cedar Fella fr Cherokee Syndicate Ricky May 4:08.1
1997 Merinai fr N R Baker James Stormont 4:11.1
1996 Chiola Cola fr D N Hayes, H Horowitz, Mrs I T Horowitz Shane Hayes 4:08.6
1995 Call Me Now 10 m G J Nairn, P C Nairn, Mrs H H Pope, R G H Thomson David Butt 4:05.7
1994 David Moss 15 m Est H W Cox, O Andersen Maurice McKendry 4:06.6
1993 David Moss 10 m Est H W Cox, O Andersen Robert Cameron 4:12.1
1992 Directorship 10 m Classic Nine Syndicate Tony Herlihy 4:12.2
1991 William Dee fr G P Curach, K J O'Gorman, T G Garelja, E P Green John Langdon 4:16.2
1990 Sundon fr Sir Roy McKenzie Peter Jones 4:12.8
1989 Tobago fr R H Jenkins, Mrs D E Kean Henry Skinner 4:08.4
1988 Landora's Pride 10 m C T Allingham, Mrs V M Allingham John Langdon 4:12.8
1987 Simon Katz fr R S Francis, P Rae Anthony Butt 4:15.0
1986 Tussle 10 m Dr C H G Irvine Peter Jones 4:13.8
1985 Admiral Soanai fr J McGill Brian Gleeson 4:14.1
1984 Basil Dean fr R L Jamison & T P Newton K W O'Reilly 4:12.9
1983 Scotch Notch 10 m J Wong G A Lang 4:17.0
1982 Cal Brydon fr G R & B Newberry G R Newberry 4:14.6
1981 Stormy Morn 10 m P G Moore A J Perucich 4:20.5
1980 Scotch Tar 10 m A W Dykman A W Dykman 4:16.6
1979 Alias Armbro fr B W Crofts & G E Pilkington M R De Filippi 4:12.3
1978 Scotch Tar fr A W Dykman R M Cameron 4:11.6
1977 Nigel Craig fr B L & W L Heron B L Heron 4:15.6
1976 Armbro Lady fr R E & S T Webster K D Townley 4:17.3
1975 Hal Good 10m A Chesmar D D Nyhan 4:20.5
1974 Easton Light 30m E R & Mrs T R Running B M Running 4:13.1
1973 Philemon 20m W A Strachan & G R Taverner J W Smolenski 4:20.5
1972 Easton Light fr E R & Mrs T R Running B M Running 4:20.4
1971 Precocious fr A H Carmichael J A Carmichael 4:18.4
1970 Johnny Gee 18 yds W R Butt W R Butt 4:8.2
1969 Tutira 12 yds D H Butcher J P Baker 4:21.0
1968 Logan Count 12 yds E A Clark L R Clark 4:18.2
1967 French Pass fr R A McKenzie C S Hunter 4:30.0
1966 Tronso fr C R Berkett F E Newfield 4:20.6
1965 Mighty Chief fr L R Clark D J Townley 4:25.0
1964 Flaming Way 12 yds J Wilson A K Holmes 4:21.0
1963 Min Scott 12 yds Mrs G N Hunter C S Hunter 4:18.8
1962 Spinster Scott fr A A McCormick R J Jones 4:19.8
1961 Au Fait 36 yds J McKay R Young 4:15.8
1960 Ordeal 12 yds Mrs L M & W A Bradley F G Holmes 4:17.4
1959 Annual Report 12 yds N Simpson A M Purdon 4:19.2
1958 Durbin Chief 36 yds Mrs M F Collins, E Walsh & J R Woodcock W P Walsh 4:17.6
1957 Durbin Chief fr Mrs M F Collins, E Walsh & J R Woodcock W P Walsh 4:24.0
1956 Cabra fr P J Burke & A A Matheson J Walsh 4:25.8
1955 Recruit 36 yds J J Rooney M F Holmes 4.22:6
1954 Fair Isle 24 yds V Alborn & E J August M F Holmes 4:18.6
1953 Vodka 6 yds J S Shaw J S Shaw 4.:23.6
1952 Precaution fr A Holmes & J Shelly J McLennan jnr 4:21.0
1951 Barrier Reef 36 yds Mrs M Rice D G Jones 4:18.4
1950 Dictation 12 yds J Wilson J Wilson 4:16.4
1949 Acclamation 12 yds A M & R J Bruce R Young 4:27.4
1948 Great Venture 12 yds J T Taylor S A Edwards 4:27.6
1947 Hidden Note fr D Stormont & M Stewart D C Watts 4:30.4
1946 Casablanca fr S T Webster J B Pringle 4:31.4
1945 Fantom 36 yds J R McKenzie G B Noble 4:28.4
1944 Lady Scott fr Miss J & A F C Rushton A Butterfield 4:36.8
1944 Will Cary fr H M Allen G McKendry 4:36.8
1943 Bomber fr F E Graham W J Doyle 4:30.8
1942 Margin 72 yds W Fairbairn G Cameron 4:26.8
1941 Peggoty 12 yds R H Butterick R H Butterick 4:30.6
1940 Tan John fr W E Stickings R Donald 4:31.2
1939 Royal Romance fr V Alborn V Alborn 4:27.0
1938 Pilot Peter fr P J Andrews R B Berry 4:27.0
1937 Waikato Prince 36 yds J Bryce J Bryce jnr 4:31.0
1936 Norma Bingen 24 yds F Doherty D C Watts 4:28.2
1935 Sea Gift 36 yds Archer & McFarlane E J Smith 3:34.4
1934 Trampfast 36 yds W T Lowe R B Berry 3:15.4
1933 Huon Voyage 60 yds F B Macfarlane L O Thomas 4:32.6
1932 Wrackler 60 yds Durbar Lodge Ltd M F Holmes 4:26.2
1931 Olive Nelson fr J R Simpson J R Simpson 4:33.0
1930 Writer fr C P Cameron R Donald 4:35.2
1929 Western Voyage fr M O'Brien J Bryce 4.35.8
1928 Moneyspider 60 yds J Bryce J Bryce 4.30.8
1927 Elzear 24 yds G J Barton J McLennan 4.41.4
1926 Peterwah 72 yds R C Fisken R C Fisken 4.30.4
1925 Napland 12 yds G J Barton W J Tomkinson 4.40.8
1924 Nikora 48 yds F Monk F Monk 4.34.2
1923 Native King fr Mrs G Watkins R Pollock 4.37.2
1922 Effie Bingen fr J Hardy J McLennan 4.42.2
1921 Wild Lad 12 secs R C Fisken R C Fisken 4.37.6
1920 Gold Boy 7 secs T Roe T Roe 4.39.0
1919 Whisht 5 secs J R Corrigan J Bryce 4.39.0
1918 Whispering Willie 5 secs C Allington G B Murfitt 4.43.0
1917 Olive L 10 secs Mrs J Lawrence E Berry 4.39.6
1916 Whispering Willie fr C Allington J Bryce 4.45.4
1915 Michael Galindo 7 secs C Tasker C Tasker 4.42.2
1914 Electrocute 7 secs J Leslie J Wright 4.44.0
1913 Michael Galindo 12 secs C Tasker J Tasker 4.47.2
1912 Master Raymond 10 secs J Clarke R Allen 4.52.2
1911 Quincey 2 secs S W Scott S W Scott 4.37.4

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