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Donnerlück is a 1994 Rheinlander stallion who was imported to the United States by Heather B. Carrion from Germany in 1998. Donnerlück is by Donnerschlag, out of Weltdame, and is the grandson of Donnerhall, an Oldenburg stallion, the German Champion in Grand Prix Dressage in 1994, under rider Karin Rehbein. Donnerlück is also the grandson, on the side of his dam, of the Hanoverian stallion, Weltmeyer, winner of the stallion licensing in Verden in 1986, and Hanoverian Stallion of the Year in 1998. Donnerluck is one of many warmblood horses imported from Germany in recent years to influence the breeding of American sporthorses. Donnerlück has caught the attention of powerful players in the equestrian community, such as olympian Nicole Uphoff[1].

Basic Characteristics: Breed: Rheinlander Color: Dark Copper Chestnut Height: 16.2 hands Foaled: April 20, 1994 Breeder: Heinrich Dresen USDF Registration: # 30872 [2]

Donnerlück competes at the Prix St. Georges level in dressage competition, with scores as high as 71.15%. "The Prix St. Georges test is the first international test published by the F.E.I. (Federation d'Equestre Internationale). The horse must do the half-pirouette at the canter, and flying changes of lead every fourth and third stride. Rides are divided into movements (there 12 to 14 in the average Preliminary test ). Each movement is marked separately, on a 0-10 scale, like figure skating or gymnastics. The passing or "adequate" score for a dressage test is 50%. Scores in the 60's are very good; in the 70's or higher are exceptional". [3]



Donnerlück is identified as a Rheinlander stallion, a breed incorporating both his Oldenburg (Donnerhall on his dam's side) and Hanoverian (Weltmeyer) lineage. The Oldenburg horse is bred in the region of lower Saxony, surrounding the city of Oldenburg. Graf Johann von Oldenburg XVI (1573-1603) was responsible for the development of the stud farm from which this breed was originally produced. The Hanoverian Breed was developed as an all-purpose horse for riding and driving, although the emphasis in their breeding is now placed on producing elegant sporthorses. Donnerlück is identified as a Rheinlander stallion due to his ancestry that can be traced back to the Rheinish studbook (rheinisches Pferdestammbuch). The Rheinlander breed, although historically a heavy draught breed, now consists of carefully bred sporthorses, and incorporates many animals of Westphalian, Hanoverian, Oldenburg and Trakehner breeding. Thoroughbred's have also been incorporated into the breeding program to provide refined characteristics, including longer legs and a finer bone and head. Breed traits include a height around 16.2hh, any coloring (although Chestnut is most common), and sturdy bone structure with short cannon bones and powerful hindquarters, dating back to the breed's draught ancestry. Donnerlück and his offspring display the breed's distinguished and powerful top line, with a deep chest and long neck, derived from the carriage horses in Weltmeyer's ancestry. [4]

Originally shown and offered at stud out of Charlottesville, Virginia by Heather B. Carrion, Donnerlück stands at stud in Ellensburg, Washington.

Donnerlück's Heritage: Several generations of Germany's most competitive athletes: View Pedigree: [5] Donnerwetter Donnerhall Ninette Donnerschlag Pik Koenig Pirola Franka Donnerlück World Cup I Weltmeyer Anka Weltdame Bolero Ballerina Granne Donnerlück is fully registered and approved by: • Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society/North American Division of Verband der Zuchter des Oldenburger Pferdes e.V. (German Oldenburg Verband) • International Sport Horse Registry/Oldenburg NA • Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association • American Warmblood Society • Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch e.V (German Rheinlander Verband) • Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch e.V. (German Westfalen Verband) • Belgium Warmblood Breeding Association Department North America (BWP-NAD) Offspring by Donnerlück out of approved Swedish mares may be registered with The Swedish Warmblood Association of North America (SWANA). ([6]) [5]


North American Equine Services, Horse of the month, May 2006 USDF Horse of the Year Award twice at Second Level Open and Fourth Level Open Show Results

1999 - Morven Park Fall Dressage-Morven Park, Leesburg, VA 4 First Place wins at First Level (Tests 1 & 2) with scores to 70.967% High Score of Show-First Level

1999 - VADA/NOVA (http://www.vadanova.org/) Autumn I Dressage-Lexington Horse Center, Lexington, VA 4 First Place wins at First Level (Tests 1 & 2) with scores to 71.071%

1999 - PVDA 34th Annual Dressage-Prince Georges Equestrian Center, Upper Marlboro, MD 4 First Place wins at First Level (Tests 2, 3 & 4) with scores to 70.857%

1999 - VADA-Charlottesville High Point Champion-First Level

1999 - VADA High Point Reserve Champion-First Level

2000- VADA/NOVA Breed Show - Morven Park, Leesburg, VA Overall Champion & High Score of Show

2000 - VADA Dressage Schooling Show- Linden Lane Farm, Keswick, VA 1 First Place win at Second Level (Test 4) with score of 77.67%

2001- VADA/NOVA Spring Dressage-Morven Park, Leesburg, VA 2 First Place wins at Second Level (Tests 1 & 2) with scores to 71.842% High Score of Show-Second Level

2001 - VADA/NOVA Spring Dressage II-Commonwealth Park, Culpeper, VA 2 First Place wins at Second Level (Tests 3 & 4) with scores to 75.581% High Score of Show-Second Level

2001 - VADA/NOVA Summer Dressage-Morven Park, Leesburg, VA 1 First Place win at Second Level (Test 3) 3 First Place wins at Third Level (Tests 1 & 2) with scores to 69.842%

2001- Raleigh and Capital Dressage Classic – Hunt Horse Complex, Raleigh, NC - Second Level Test 3, Third Place- 64.324% - Second Level Test 4, Third Place - 66.047

2001 - Dressage at Lexington - Virginia Horse Center, Lexington VA - Third Level Test 2, First Place - 62.368% - Third Level Test 2, Second Place - 63.158% - Third Level Test 2, Third Place - 62.632%

2001 ABIC/USDF Region 1 Championships – Hunt Horse Complex, Raleigh, NC - Third Level Test 2, Third Place - 66.053% - Second Level Championships, Second Level Test 4, Third Place - 68.837%

2001 - Annual Bengt Ljungquist Memorial Finals – Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA - Second Level Test 3, First Place - 69.189% - Third Level Test 3, First Place - 64.857%

2001 - USDF Horse of the Year - Second Level Open– 11th Place- Median score, 70.340%

2001 - USDF ALL BREED AWARD – American Warmblood Society - Second Level Open – First Place, Median score, 70.340%

2001 - USDF ALL BREED AWARD – Westfalen Horse Association - Second Level Open –Second Place, Median score, 70.340%

2001- USDF ALL BREED AWARD – Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society - Second Level Open – Third Place, Median score, 70.340%

2001 - USDF ALL BREED AWARD – Rheinland Pfaltz Saar International - Second Level Open – Second Place, Median score, 70.340%

2001 - American Warmblood Society, Regional Year End Award - Silver Medal - 68.837%

2001 - VADA-State Second Level Open Champion - 71.842%

2001 - VADA-State Third Level Open Champion - 66.053%

Donnerlück is currently showing Prix St. Georges and Intermediare I in Region 6.

Donida Farm Summer Dressage Show - August 3-5, 2007:

Friday-Prix St. Georges 70.50% 1st Place

Saturday-Prix St. Georges 68.25% 2nd Place

Saturday-Intermediare I 67.75% 1st Place

Sunday-Intermediare I 65.75% 1st Place

Sunday-Prix St. Georges 70.75% 1st Place

Overall High Point Prix St. Georges

Overall High Point Intermediare I

Overall High Point FEI

EI Champagne Classic Dressage Show - July 20-21, 2007:

Saturday-Prix St. Georges 68.25%

Saturday-Intermediare I 64.5%



2001 Premium Oldenburg Mare, PrimadonnaIn 2004, she placed 5th out of all the ISR/Oldenburg NA mares on the East Coast. Oldenburg filly, Glory 2nd place, Aaross Warmblood Breed Show, August 8, 2004 - Ontario Canada. 2004 Premium filly, Diva - Champion foal of her inspection. 2003 Premium filly, Dior - Champion foal of her inspection. 2003 Premium filly, Donnerella - Champion filly of her inspection. 2002 Premium colt, Celso Donner - Champion foal - BWP inspection; 7th nationally. 2002 Premium filly, Donnerlea - Reserve Champion foal of her inspection. 2002 Premium filly, Isabella - Champion filly of her inspection. 2001 Premium filly, Dionne - Res. Champion CW Foal Futurity, Manitoba Division. 2000 Premium filly, Dea - Res. Champion - ISR/Old. NA West Coast Foal Championships. 2000 Premium colt, Donnermeister - Reserve Champion colt of his inspection. 2001 Premium filly, Donnerosa - 3rd place overall at her inspection. [7]



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