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Eclipse Award

The Eclipse Award is an American thoroughbred horse racing award named after the 18th century British racehorse and sire, Eclipse. The Eclipse Awards, honoring the champions of the sport, are sponsored by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA), Daily Racing Form and the National Turf Writers Association who select all finalists at the end of the year. Those same voters then vote any of the three finalists in each category. Winners are announced in January of the next year.

J. B. Faulconer, the first full-time publicity director at Keeneland, is credited with starting the Eclipse Award program.

The Eclipse Award of Merit is the industry's highest honor. The most prestigious Eclipse Award for horses is the Horse of the Year title.

The equivalent in Australia is the Australian Thoroughbred racing awards, in Canada the Sovereign Awards, and in Europe, the Cartier Racing Awards.

An Eclipse Award Trophy is presented to the winner in each division that is made by a few small selected American foundries with expertise in studio bronze casting. It is then mounted on the hand crafted native Kentucky walnut base to comprise the Eclipse Award on which a brass plate recites the award winner.

The Eclipse Award categories:

  1. American Horse of the Year
  1. American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt
  1. American Champion Two-Year-Old Filly
  1. American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse
  1. American Champion Three-Year-Old Filly
  1. American Champion Older Male Horse
  1. American Champion Older Female Horse
  1. American Champion Sprint Horse
  1. American Champion Female Sprint Horse
  1. American Champion Male Turf Horse
  1. American Champion Female Turf Horse
  1. Outstanding Steeplechase horse
  1. Outstanding Owner
  1. Outstanding Breeder
  1. Outstanding Trainer
  1. Outstanding Jockey
  1. Outstanding Apprentice Jockey
  1. Eclipse Special Award
  1. Eclipse Award Of Merit
  1. National Thoroughbred Racing Association Moment of the Year



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