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Eddie Ambrose

Eddie Ambrose
Occupation Jockey
Birthplace United States
Birth date April 13, 1894
Death date June 8, 1994
Career wins Not found
Major racing wins, honours & awards
Major racing wins
Toronto Cup Stakes (1915)
Paumonok Handicap (1917)
Adirondack Stakes (1918, 1920)
Alabama Stakes (1919)
Saratoga Special Stakes (1919)
Astoria Stakes (1920, 1927)
Grand Union Hotel Stakes (1920)
Metropolitan Handicap (1920)
Spinaway Stakes (1920)
Toboggan Handicap (1920)
Schuylerville Stakes (1926)
East View Stakes (1927)
American Derby (1928)
Clark Handicap (1928)
Latonia Derby (1928)
Suburban Handicap (1929)
Whitney Handicap (1929)
Remsen Stakes (1931)
Significant horses
Prudery, Toro

Edward E. "Eddie" Ambrose (April 13, 1894 - June 8, 1994) was an American jockey in Thoroughbred horse racing. In the 1910s and 1920s he rode for top owners such as Harry Payne Whitney, Willis Sharpe Kilmer, and Walter M. Jeffords.

During his career Ambrose had four mounts in the Kentucky Derby and seven in the Preakness Stakes with his best result in both aboard Toro in 1928 when he finished third in the Derby and second in the Preakness for owner Edward B. McLean, publisher of the Washington Post. Another of his best mounts was Prudery, condsidered in retrospect as the American Champion Two and Three-Year-Old, Filly

In a famous 1920 edition of the Dwyer Stakes involving just two entrants, Ambrose rode John P. Grier to a strong second-place finish against the great Man o' War.

Eddie Ambrose lived to be 100. He was a resident of Towson, Maryland at the time of his passing in 1994.


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