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Edward Brydges Willyams

Edward William Brydges Willyams (1834-1916) was a Liberal MP, successively for three Cornish constituencies [1]. The Times reports that in 1892, he was appointed High Sheriff of Cornwall[2].


Parental family

He was born 6 November 1834, the son of Humphry Willyams (1792-1822) [3], a banker, land-owner and Liberal elector of Truro [4] and Ellen Frances Brydges Neynoe, his wife. She was the daughter of Colonel William Brydges Neynoe of Castle Neynoe, County Sligo.[5]

His older brother, James Willyams died aged 38 in 1861 [5]

His aunt by marriage Sarah Mendez da Costa, was an heiress, who married his father's elder brother James (1772-1820) and had no children. However, when she died in 1863, she gave three quarters of her fortune to Benjamin Disraeli, a great friend of hers [6] [1].


He was educated at Merton College, Oxford [1].

Parliamentary service

  • MP for Truro from 1857 to 1859[7].
  • MP for East Cornwall, 1868-1874.
  • MP for Truro, 1880-1885.

He stood for election at St Austell in 1877, as a Liberal Unionist but was defeated by the Gladstonian candidate[8].


He was married twice, first to Jane, youngest daughter of Sir Trevor Wheler, Bt. on 26 June 1856 [9] and then on 5 June 1882 to Emily [10], a daughter of Sir Joseph Moses Levy, the proprietor of the Daily Telegraph, which then supported the Liberal Party [1]. Emily Brydges Willyams died 5 February 1902


He was a keen supporter of the old Cornish sport of hurling [1]. Racing reports in The Times from 1884 to 1910 show his ownership of several race-horses, during this period.


He was the co-respondent in a divorce in 1871/1872, having carried on an affair with Lady Jolliffe, the wife of Captain Jolliffe, MP for Wells. He did not stand at the General Election in 1874 [4] :Jaggard p.183-189. [11].

Olive Willyams, the wife of his heir, Arthur Hugh Vivien Willyams, tried to obtain £4,000 from him, using promissory notes that he claimed were forged by her. She was committed to prison for three years and “was afterwards declared to have become insane [1] [12] [13] .


He died on Tuesday, 10 October 1916, at his seat, Carnanton, St Columb Major.


Main sources

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