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El Caballo Blanco

El Caballo Blanco was a theme park that operated at Catherine Field on the outskirts of Sydney. Its main attraction was its Andalusian dancing stallions, but the park also featured miniature Fallabella horses, and a number of non-equestrian related amusements such as waterslides, train rides, and a small wildlife zoo.

For many years after its closure the complex was used for storing items such as carpets, until a fire engulfed much of the building housing the main show arena. The Andalusian horses remained on the site, cared for by a group of horse enthusiasts.

Another El Caballo Blanco park operated near Perth in Western Australia.

In June 2007 a new El Caballo Blanco show paying tribute to the Spanish dancing horses re-opened playing regular shows at Horseworld Stadium, located at Maraylya in Sydney's north-west[1]. This new show was put together by Rene Gasser, the "Master of unique equestrian entertainment"[2] who boasts 7 generations of horse-care and showmanship[3].

In September 2007, equine flu made its way to El Caballo Blanco with three horses showing clinical signs of equine influenza. This caused the suspension of all shows. [4].

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