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Engineer (horse)

Engineer (foaled 1756) was a brown English Thoroughbred stallion bred by William Fenton of Glass House, near Leeds, Yorkshire, Great Britain. His outstanding son was Mambrino, although he sired some good race horses, such as King's Plate winner Fireworker, and the good plater Black Tom, a number of his daughters gained distinction in the stud.[1]



Thoroughbred Pedigree for Engineer
1756 brown colt

Pedigree of Engineer
b. 1745
b. 1733
Flying Childers
b. 1715
Darley Arabian
b. 1700
Betty Leedes
Confederate Filly
Grey Grantham
gr. 1714
Rutland Black Mare
Hip Mare Hip
gr. 1716
Curwen Bay Barb
br. 1695
Sister To Hobby
gr. ~1706
Spark Mare Spark
Snake Mare
Young Greyhound Mare
Young Greyhound
gr. 1718
gr. 1701
Chillaby Barb
Crofts Pet Mare Wastell Turk
Hautboy Mare
Curwen Barb Mare Curwen Bay Barb
br. 1695
Family Number Thirty Six

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