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English Saddle

English Saddle








English Saddle















English Saddle

Parts of an English Saddle:   




 Stirrup Leathers

 Stirrup Irons


 Billet Straps

 Knee Roll






In North America saddles such as this are refered to as an "English saddle" while elsewhere they are simply regarded as saddles.

Western riding is not as popular in Europe and England so few riders feel they need to make a distinction between an English and a western style saddle.

The flaps of English saddles are cut differently to accomodate the different leg postions required by different disciplines.

English saddles can be made with leather or synthetic components and may be built around a wooden or fiberglass tree.

A new trend in English saddles is a 'treeless' design which many feel is more flexible and comfortable for horse and rider.


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