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English Style Riding

English Style Riding






English Style Riding













How to Ride English-Style

Learning to ride English style is the starting point for any novice rider. After acquiring the fundamental skills of the sport in the English ring, you'll be able to use your new abilities to master other riding styles.
Things You’ll Need:

English Reins
English Saddle
Breast Collars
Saddle Pads
Step 1:

Take lessons. English riding requires a great deal of balance; it is important to learn proper riding technique from a trained professional.

Step 2:

Wear jeans or breeches, riding boots or hard-soled shoes, a long-sleeved shirt and a helmet.

Step 3:

Get an English saddle. Riding in an English saddle teaches the student good balance and control of both body and horse, since there is very little equipment to hold onto.

Step 4:

Secure the English saddle onto the horse with a girth.

Step 5:

Prevent the saddle from slipping backward by using a chest strap on the horse.

Step 6:

Use a bridle with a headstall that fits over the horse's head. The bridle has a bit that goes in the horse's mouth as well as reins to help the rider guide the horse.

Step 7:

Sit tall in your saddle. The saddle is small; you will have to use great balance to stay in the center of the saddle. Keep your head up, your shoulders back and your legs against the horse.

Step 8:

Hold the reins in your hands with your thumbs on top and pinkies on the bottom.

Step 9:

Hold your hands seven or eight inches apart, low and centered over the horse's neck.

Tips & Warnings:
You can use an English saddle on any breed of horse.
English saddles are very small: they have no saddle horn, and the stirrups are smaller than those on Western saddles.
English reins are one long leather strip that attaches to each side of the bit and hangs on the back of the horse's neck.
Wear a helmet. Protecting your head from a fall can save you from serious injury or even death.


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