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English Triple Crown race winners

The English Triple Crown Winners is a three-race competition for Thoroughbred racehorses.

The English Triple Crown consists of the 2,000 Guineas Stakes (at 1 mile), the Epsom Derby (at 1½ miles), and the St. Leger Stakes (at 1 mile 6 furlongs and 127 yds) although the distances have varied throughout the years.

Runners who have won all three races in one year are bolded.



2,000 Guineas

Epsom Derby

St. Leger Stakes

2009 Sea the Stars Sea the Stars Mastery
2008 Henrythenavigator New Approach Conduit
2007 Cockney Rebel Authorized Lucarno
2006 George Washington Sir Percy Sixties Icon
2005 Footstepsinthesand Motivator Scorpion
2004 Haafhd North Light Rule of Law
2003 Refuse To Bend Kris Kin Brian Boru
2002 Rock of Gibraltar High Chaparral Bollin Eric
2001 Golan Galileo Milan
2000 King's Best Sinndar Millenary
1999 Island Sands Oath Mutafaweq
1998 King of Kings High-Rise Nedawi
1997 Entrepreneur Benny the Dip Silver Patriarch
1996 Mark of Esteem Shaamit Shantou
1995 Pennekamp Lammtarra Classic Cliché
1994 Mister Baileys Erhaab Moonax
1993 Zafonic Commander in Chief Bob's Return
1992 Rodrigo de Triano Dr Devious User Friendly
1991 Mystiko Generous Toulon
1990 Tirol Quest for Fame Snurge
1989 Nashwan Nashwan Michelozzo
1988 Doyoun Kahyasi Minster Son
1987 Don't Forget Me Reference Point Reference Point
1986 Dancing Brave Shahrastani Moon Madness
1985 Shadeed Slip Anchor Oh So Sharp
1984 El Gran Senor Secreto Commanche Run
1983 Lomond Teenoso Sun Princess
1982 Zino Golden Fleece Touching Wood
1981 To-Agori-Mou Shergar Cut Above
1980 Known Fact Henbit Light Cavalry
1979 Tap on Wood Troy Son of Love
1978 Roland Gardens Shirley Heights Julio Mariner
1977 Nebbiolo The Minstrel Dunfermline
1976 Wollow Empery Crow
1975 Bolkonski Grundy Bruni
1974 Nonoalco Snow Knight Bustino
1973 Mon Fils Morston Peleid
1972 High Top Roberto Boucher
1971 Brigadier Gerard Mill Reef Athens Wood
1970 Nijinsky Nijinsky Nijinsky
1969 Right Track Blakeney Intermezzo
1968 Sir Ivor Sir Ivor Ribero
1967 Royal Palace Royal Palace Ribocco
1966 Kashmir Charlottown Sodium
1965 Niksar Sea Bird Provoke
1964 Baldric Santa Claus Indiana
1963 Only for Life Relko Ragusa
1962 Privy Councillor Larkspur Hethersett
1961 Rockavon Psidium Aurelius
1960 Martial St. Paddy St. Paddy
1959 Taboun Parthia Cantelo
1958 Pall Mall Hard Ridden Alcide
1957 Crepello Crepello Ballymoss
1956 Gilles de Retz Lavandin Canbremer
1955 Our Babu Phil Drake Meld
1954 Darius Never Say Die Never Say Die
1953 Nearula Pinza Premonition
1952 Thunderhead Tulyar Tulyar
1951 Ki Ming Arctic Prince Talma
1950 Palestine Galcador Scratch
1949 Nimbus Nimbus Ridge Wood
1948 My Babu My Love Black Tarquin
1947 Tudor Minstrel Pearl Diver Sayajirao
1946 Happy Knight Airborne Airborne
1945 Court Martial Dante Chamossaire
1944 Garden Path Ocean Swell Tehran
1943 Kingsway Straight Deal Herringbone
1942 Big Game Watling Street Sun Chariot
1941 Lambert Simnel Owen Tudor Sun Castle
1940 Djebel Pont L'Eveque Turkhan
1939 Blue Peter Blue Peter not run-WW II
1938 Pasch Bois Rousell Scottish Union
1937 Le Ksar Mid-day Sun Chumleigh
1936 Pay Up Mahmoud Boswell
1935 Bahram Bahram Bahram
1934 Colombo Windsor Lad Windsor Lad
1933 Rodosto Hyperion Hyperion
1932 Orwell April the Fifth Firdaussi
1931 Cameronian Cameronian Sandwich
1930 Diolite Blenheim Singapore
1929 Mr Jinks Trigo Trigo
1928 Flamingo Felstead Fairway
1927 Adam's Apple Call Boy Book Law
1926 Colorado Coronach Coronach
1925 Manna Manna Solario
1924 Diophon Sansovino Salmon Trout
1923 Ellangowan Papyrus Tranquil
1922 St. Louis Captain Cuttle Royal Lancer
1921 Craig An Eran Humorist Polemarch
1920 Tetratema Spion Kop Caligula
1919 The Panther Grand Parade Keysoe
1918 Gainsborough Gainsborough Gainsborough
1917 Gay Crusader Gay Crusader Gay Crusader
1916 Clarissimus Fifinella Hurry On
1915 Pommern Pommern Pommern
1914 Kennymore Durbar Black Jester
1913 Louvois Aboyeur Night Hawk
1912 Sweeper II Tagalie Tracery
1911 Sunstar Sunstar Prince Palatine
1910 Neil Gow Lemberg Swynford
1909 Minoru Minoru Bayardo
1908 Norman Signorinetta Your Majesty
1907 Slieve Gallion Orby Wool Winder
1906 Gorgos Spearmint Troutbeck
1905 Vedas Cicero Challacombe
1904 St. Amant St. Amant Pretty Polly
1903 Rock Sand Rock Sand Rock Sand
1902 Sceptre Ard Patrick Sceptre
1901 Handicapper Volodyovski Doricles
1900 Diamond Jubilee Diamond Jubilee Diamond Jubilee
1899 Flying Fox Flying Fox Flying Fox
1898 Disraeli Jeddah Wildfowler
1897 Galtee More Galtee More Galtee More
1896 St. Frusquin Persimmon Persimmon
1895 Kirkconnel Sir Visto Sir Visto
1894 Ladas Ladas Throstle
1893 Isinglass Isinglass Isinglass
1892 Bonavista Sir Hugo La Fleche
1891 Common Common Common
1890 Surefoot Sainfoin Memoir
1889 Enthusiast Donovan Donovan
1888 Ayrshire Ayrshire Seabreeze
1887 Enterprise Merry Hampton Kilwarlin
1886 Ormonde Ormonde Ormonde

1885 Paradox Melton Melton 
1884 Scot-Free St. Gatien/Harvester (dead heat) The Lambkin 
1883 Galhard St. Blaise Ossian 
1882 Shotover Shotover Dutch Oven 
1881 Peregrine Iroquois Iroquois 
1880 Petronel Bend Or Robert the Devil 
1879 Charibert Sir Bevvs Rayon d'Or 
1878 Pilgrimage Sefton Jannette 
1877 Chamant Silvio Silvio 
1876 Petrarch Kisber Petrarch 
1875 Camballo Galopin Craigmillar 
1874 Atlantic Geo. Frederick Apology 
1873 Gang Forward Doncaster Marie Stuart 
1872 Prince Charlie Cremorne Wenlock 
1871 Bothwell Favonius Hannah 
1870 Macgregor Kingcraft Hawthornden 
1869 Pretender Pretender Pero Gomez 
1868 Moslem/Formosa (dead heat) Blue Gown Formosa 
1867 Vauban Hermit Achievement 
1866 '''Lord Lyon Lord Lyon Lord Lyon''' 
1865 '''Gladiateur Gladiateur Gladiateur''' 
1864 General Peel Blair Athol Blair Athol 
1863 Macaroni Macaroni Lord Clifden 
1862 The Marquis Caractacus The Marquis 
1861 Diophantus Kettledrum Caller Ou 
1860 The Wizard Thormanby St. Albans 
1859 Promised Land Musjid Gamester 
1858 Fitz Roland Beadsman Sunbeam 
1857 Vedette Blink Bonny Imperieuse 
1856 Fazzoletto Ellington Warlock 
1855 Lord of the Isles Wild Dayrell Saucebox 
1854 Hermit Andover Knight of St George 
1853 '''West Australian West Australian West Australian''' 
1852 Stockwell Daniel O'Rourke Stockwell 
1851 Hernandez Teddington Newminster 
1850 Pitsford Voltigeur Voltigeur 
1849 Nunnykirk The Flying Dutchman The Flying Dutchman 
1848 Flatcatcher Surplice Surplice 
1847 Conyngham Cossack Van Tromp 
1846 Sir Tatton Sykes Pyrrhus the First Sir Tatton Sykes 
1845 Idas Merry Monarch The Baron 
1844 The Ugly Buck Orlando Faugh-a-Ballagh 
1843 Cotherstone Cotherstone Nutwith 
1842 Meteor Attila Blue Bonnet 
1841 Ralph Coronation Satirist 
1840 Crucifix Little Wonder Launcelot 
1839 The Corsair Bloomsbury Charles the 12th 
1838 Grey Momus Amato Don John 
1837 Achmet Phosphorus Mango 
1836 Bay Middleton Bay Middleton Ellis 
1835 Ibrahim Mundig Queen of Trumps 
1834 Glencoe Plenipotentiary Touchstone 
1833 Clearwell Dangerous Rockingham 
1832 Archibald St. Giles Margrave 
1831 Riddlesworth Spaniel Chorister 
1830 Augustus Priam Birmingham 
1829 Patron Fredrick Rowton 
1828 Cadland Cadland The Colonel 
1827 Turcoman Mameluke Matilda 
1826 Dervise Lap Dog [[Tarrare_(horse)|Tarrare]] 
1825 Enamel Middleton Memnon 
1824 Schahriar Cedric Jerry 
1823 Nicolo Emilius Barefoot 
1822 Pastille Moses Theodore 
1821 Reginald Gustavus Jack Spigot 
1820 Pindarrie Sailor St. Patrick 
1819 Antar Tiresias Antonio 
1818 Interpreter Sam Reveler 
1817 Manfred Azor Ebor 
1816 Nectar Prince Leopold Duchess 
1815 Tigris Whisker Filho da Puta 
1814 Olive Blucher William 
1813 Smolensko Smolensko Altisadora 
1812 Cwrw Octavius Otterington 
1811 Trophonius Phantom Soothsayer 
1810 Hephestion Whalebone Octavian 
1809 Wizard Pope Ashton 
1808 * Pan Petronius 
1807 * Election Paulina 
1806 * Paris Fyldener 
1805 * Cardinal Beaufort Staveley 
1804 * Hannibal Sancho 
1803 * Ditto Remembrancer 
1802 * Tyrant Orville 
1801 * Eleanor Quiz 
1800 * Champion Champion  
1799 * Archduke Cockfighter 
1798 * Sir Harry Symmetry 
1797 * Colt by Fidget Lounger 
1796 * Didelot Ambrosio 
1795 * Spread Eagle Hambletonian 
1794 * Daedalus Beningbrough 
1793 * Waxy Ninety-Three 
1792 * John Bull Tartar 
1791 * Eager Young Traveler 
1790 * Rhadamanthus Ambidexter 
1789 * Skyscraper Pewett 
1788 * Sir Thomas Young Flora 
1787 * Sir Peter Teazle Spadille 
1786 * Noble Paragon 
1785 * Aimwell Cowslip 
1784 * Sergeant Omphale 
1783 * Saltram Phenomenon 
1782 * Assassin Imperatrix 
1781 * Young Eclipse Sarina 
1780 * Diomed Ruler 
1779 * * Tommy 
1778 * * Hollandaise 
1777 * * Bourbon 
1776 * * Alabaculia


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