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Equestrian at the 1900 Summer Olympics

At the 1900 Summer Olympics, five equestrian events were contested. Only three are currently considered Olympic by the International Olympic Committee. It is not certain how many competitors there were, but it is likely that there were between 37 and 64[1]. Calculation of number of competitors is complicated by the fact that a rider might enter an event multiple times on different horses. Five nations competed in the Olympic events, with three more (Germany, Spain, and Austria) in the non-Olympic competitions. There was a female rider, Elvira Guerra, but she competed only in the non-Olympic hacks and hunter combined event.


Medal table


Belgium Belgium (BEL)

2 1 1 4

Italy Italy (ITA)

1 1 0 2

France France (FRA)

1 0 2 3

Medal summary






22x20px Aimé Haegeman
Belgium (BEL)
22x20px Georges van der Poële
Belgium (BEL)
22x20px Louis de Champsavin
France (FRA)

High jump

22x20px Dominique Gardères
France (FRA)----

22x20px Giovanni Giorgio Trissino
Italy (ITA)

none awarded

22x20px Georges van der Poële
Belgium (BEL)

Long jump

22x20px Constant van Langhendonck
Belgium (BEL)
22x20px Giovanni Giorgio Trissino
Italy (ITA)
22x20px Pierre de Bellegarde
France (FRA)

Hacks and hunter combined

Contested, but considered a non-Olympic event

Mail coach

Contested, but considered a non-Olympic event

Participating nations

An estimated total of 60 riders from 5 nations (excluding riders known to have competed only in the non-Olympic events) competed at the Paris Games:


  1. Mallon has 47 known competitors, giving no estimate for unknowns. Most of the known competitors are in the non-Olympic mail coach event. De Wael claims 16 unknowns and adds a 48th name to the known list, for a total of 64. Both sources include all five events, rather than merely the three the IOC has designated Olympic.


  • De Wael, Herman. Herman's Full Olympians: "Equestrian 1900". Accessed 19 January 2006. Available electronically at [1].
  • Mallon, Bill (1998). The 1900 Olympic Games, Results for All Competitors in All Events, with Commentary. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers. ISBN 0-7864-0378-0. 

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