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Equestrian at the 1920 Summer Olympics – Team jumping

Team jumping
at the Games of the VII Olympiad
VenueOlympisch Stadion
DateSeptember 12
Competitors20 from 5 nations
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
Equestrian at the
1920 Summer Olympics
Individual dressage   mixed
Individual eventing mixed
Individual jumping mixed
Individual vaulting mixed
Team eventing mixed
Team jumping mixed
Team vaulting mixed

The team jumping event was part of the equestrian programme at the 1920 Summer Olympics.


The riders who competed in the individual jumping event were not allowed to participate also on the team.

Place Team Ind. place Score Total



Sweden Sweden (SWE)


Claës König and Tresor

2 2.00

Hans von Rosen and Poor Boy

5 6.00

Daniel Norling and Eros II

5 6.00

Frank Martin and Kohort

11 10.00


Belgium Belgium (BEL)


Henri Laame and Biscuit

3 2.75

André Coumans and Lisette

4 5.25

Herman de Gaiffier d'Hestroy and Miss

9 8.25

Herman d'Oultromont and Lord Kitchener

18 30.00


Italy Italy (ITA)


Ettore Caffaratti and Tradittore

1 1.50

Alessandro Alvisi and Raggio di Sole

7 6.25

Giulio Cacciandra and Fortunello

12 11.00

Carlo Asinari and Varone

19 33.00


France France (FRA)


Auguste de Laissardière and Othello

8 7.50

Henri Horment and Dignité

14 13.25

Théophile Carbon and Incas

15 14.00

Pierre Le Moyne and Flirt

15 14.00


United States United States (USA)


Harry Chamberlin and Nigra

10 9.00

Karl Greenwald and Moses

13 12.00

Vincent Erwin and Joffre

17 21.00

Sloan Doak and Rabbit Red




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