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Equestrian at the 1924 Summer Olympics

The Equestrian Events at the 1924 Paris Olympics included Eventing (individual and team medals), Show jumping (individual and team medals) and Dressage (individual medals). Vaulting was not included this year. The competitions were held from July 21, 1924 to July 27, 1924.


Medal summary

Individual dressage
22x20px Ernst Linder and Piccolomino
Sweden (SWE)
22x20px Bertil Sandström and Sabel
Sweden (SWE)
22x20px Xavier Lesage and Plumard
France (FRA)
Individual eventing
22x20px Adolph van der Voort van Zijp and Silver Piece
Netherlands (NED)
22x20px Frode Kirkebjerg and Meteor
Denmark (DEN)
22x20px Sloan Doak and Pathfinder
United States (USA)
Team eventing
Netherlands Netherlands (NED)
Adolph van der Voort van Zijp and Silver Piece
Charles Pahud de Mortanges and Johnny Walker
Gerard de Kruijff and Addio
Antonius Colenbrander and King of Hearts
Sweden Sweden (SWE)
Claës König and Bojar
Torsten Sylvan and Anita
Gustaf Hagelin and Varius
Carl Gustaf Lewenhaupt and Canter
Italy Italy (ITA)
Alberto Lombardi and Pimplo
Alessandro Alvisi and Capiligio
Emanuele Beraudo di Pralormo and Mount Félix
Tommaso Lequio di Assaba and Torena
Individual jumping
22x20px Alphonse Gemuseus and Lucette
Switzerland (SUI)
22x20px Tommaso Lequio di Assaba and Trebecco
Italy (ITA)
22x20px Adam Królikiewicz and Picador
Poland (POL)
Team jumping
Sweden Sweden (SWE)
Åke Thelning and Loke
Axel Ståhle and Cecil
Åge Lundström and Anvers
Switzerland Switzerland (SUI)
Alphonse Gemuseus and Lucette
Werner Stuber and Girandole
Hans Bühler and Sailor Boy
Portugal Portugal (POR)
António Borges and Reginald
Hélder de Souza and Avro
José Mouzinho and Hetrugo

Participating nations

A total of 97 horse riders from 17 nations competed at the Paris Games:

Medal table


Sweden Sweden (SWE)

2 2 0 4

Netherlands Netherlands (NED)

2 0 0 2

Switzerland Switzerland (SUI)

1 1 0 2

Italy Italy (ITA)

0 1 1 2

Denmark Denmark (DEN)

0 1 0 1


France France (FRA)

0 0 1 1

Poland Poland (POL)

0 0 1 1

Portugal Portugal (POR)

0 0 1 1

United States United States (USA)

0 0 1 1



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