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Equestrian at the 1928 Summer Olympics

The Equestrian Events at the 1928 Summer Olympics included Dressage, Eventing, and Show Jumping. All three disciplines had both individual and team competitions. The competitions were held from August 8, 1928 to August 12, 1928.


Medal summary

Individual dressage
22x20px Carl Freiherr von Langen and Draufgänger
Germany (GER)
22x20px Charles Marion and Linon
France (FRA)
22x20px Ragnar Olson and Günstling
Sweden (SWE)
Team dressage
Germany Germany (GER)
Carl Freiherr von Langen and Draufgänger
Hermann Linkenbach and Gimpel
Eugen Freiherr von Lotzbeck and Caracalla
Sweden Sweden (SWE)
Ragnar Olson and Günstling
Janne Lundblad and Blackmar
Carl Bonde and Ingo
Netherlands Netherlands (NED)
Jan van Reede and Hans
Pierre Versteegh and His Excellence
Gerard le Heux and Valérine
Individual eventing
22x20px Charles Pahud de Mortanges and Marcroix
Netherlands (NED)
22x20px Gerard de Kruijff and Va-T'en
Netherlands (NED)
22x20px Bruno Neumann and Ilja
Germany (GER)
Team eventing
Netherlands Netherlands (NED)
Charles Pahud de Mortanges and Marcroix
Gerard de Kruijff and Va-T'en
Adolph van der Voort van Zijp and Silver Piece
Norway Norway (NOR)
Bjart Ording and And Over
Arthur Qvist and Hidalgo
Eugen Johansen and Baby
Poland Poland (POL)
Michał Antoniewicz and Moja Miła
Józef Trenkwald and Lwi Pazur
Karol Rómmel and Doneuse
Individual jumping
22x20px František Ventura and Eliot
Czechoslovakia (TCH)
22x20px Pierre Bertran de Balanda and Papillon
France (FRA)
22x20px Charles-Gustave Kuhn and Pepita
Switzerland (SUI)
Team jumping
Spain Spain (ESP)
José Navarro Morenes and Zapatazo
José Álvarez de Bohórquez and Zalamero
Julio García Fernández and Revistade
Poland Poland (POL)
Kazimierz Gzowski and Mylord
Kazimierz Szosland and Ali
Michał Antoniewicz and Readgleadt
Sweden Sweden (SWE)
Karl Hansén and Gerold
Carl Björnstjerna and Kornett
Ernst Hallberg and Loke

Participating nations

A total of 113 horse riders from 20 nations competed at the Amsterdam Games:

Medal table


Netherlands Netherlands (NED)

2 1 1 4

Germany Germany (GER)

2 0 1 3


Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia (TCH)

1 0 0 1

Spain Spain (ESP)

1 0 0 1

France France (FRA)

0 2 0 2

Sweden Sweden (SWE)

0 1 2 3

Poland Poland (POL)

0 1 1 2

Norway Norway (NOR)

0 1 0 1

Switzerland Switzerland (SUI)

0 0 1 1



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