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Equestrian at the 1932 Summer Olympics

The Equestrian Events at the 1932 Los Angeles Summer Games included Dressage (team and individual medals), Eventing (team and individual medals), and Show Jumping (individual medals). The competitions were held from August 10, 1932 to August 14, 1932.


Medal summary

Individual dressage
22x20px Xavier Lesage and Taine
France (FRA)
22x20px Charles Marion and Linon
France (FRA)
22x20px Hiram Tuttle and Olympic
United States (USA)
Team dressage
France France (FRA)
Xavier Lesage and Taine
Charles Marion and Linon
André Jousseaume and Sorelta
Sweden Sweden (SWE)
Bertil Sandström and Kreta
Thomas Byström and Gulliver
Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern, Jr. and Ingo
United States United States (USA)
Hiram Tuttle and Olympic
Isaac Kitts and American Lady
Alvin Moore and Water Pat
Individual eventing
22x20px Charles Pahud de Mortanges and Ferdinand
Netherlands (NED)
22x20px Earl Foster Thomson and Jenny Camp
United States (USA)
22x20px Clarence von Rosen, Jr. and Sunnyside Maid
Sweden (SWE)
Team eventing
United States United States (USA)
Earl Foster Thomson and Jenny Camp
Harry Chamberlin and Pleasant Smiles
Edwin Argo and Honolulu Tomboy
Netherlands Netherlands (NED)
Charles Pahud de Mortanges and Marcroix
Karel Schummelketel and Duiveltje
Aernout van Lennep and Henk
No Bronze awarded
Individual jumping
22x20px Takeichi Nishi and Uranus
Japan (JPN)
22x20px Harry Chamberlin and Show Girl
United States (USA)
22x20px Clarence von Rosen, Jr. and Empire
Sweden (SWE)
Team jumping

The event was declared void as no nation completed the course with three riders

Participating nations

Each country was allowed to enter three riders in every event. A total number of 35 riders were originally entered.

A total of 31 horse riders from 6 nations competed at the Los Angeles Games:

Medal table


France France (FRA)

2 1 0 3

United States United States (USA)

1 2 2 5

Netherlands Netherlands (NED)

1 1 0 2

Japan Japan (JPN)

1 0 0 1

Sweden Sweden (SWE)

0 1 2 3



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