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Equestrian at the 1972 Summer Olympics

The Equestrian Events at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich included Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. All three disciplines had both individual and team competitions.


Medal summary

Individual dressage
22x20px Liselott Linsenhoff and Piaff
West Germany (FRG)
22x20px Yelena Petushkova and Pepel
Soviet Union (URS)
22x20px Josef Neckermann and Venetia
West Germany (FRG)
Team dressage
Soviet Union Soviet Union (URS)
Yelena Petushkova and Pepel
Ivan Kizimov and Ikhor
Ivan Kalita and Tarif
West Germany West Germany (FRG)
Karin Schlüter-Schmidt and Liostro
Liselott Linsenhoff and Piaff
Josef Neckermann and Venetia
Sweden Sweden (SWE)
Ulla Håkansson and Ajax
Ninna Swaab and Casanova
Maud von Rosen and Lucky Boy
Individual eventing
22x20px Richard Meade and Laurieston
Great Britain (GBR)
22x20px Alessandro Argenton and Woodland
Italy (ITA)
22x20px Jan Jönsson and Sarajevo
Sweden (SWE)
Team eventing
Great Britain Great Britain (GBR)
Richard Meade and Laurieston
Mary Gordon-Watson and Cornishman V
Bridget Parker and Cornish Gold
Mark Phillips and Great Ovation
United States United States (USA)
Kevin Freeman and Good Mixture
Bruce Davidson and Plain Sailing
John Plumb and Free and Easy
James C. Wofford and Kilkenny
West Germany West Germany (FRG)
Harry Klugmann and Christopher Robert
Ludwig Gössing and Chicago
Karl Schultz and Pisco
Horst Karsten and Sioux
Individual jumping
22x20px Graziano Mancinelli and Ambassador
Italy (ITA)
22x20px Ann Moore and Psalm
Great Britain (GBR)
22x20px Neal Shapiro and Sloopy
United States (USA)
Team jumping
West Germany West Germany (FRG)
Fritz Ligges and Robin
Gerhard Wiltfang and Askan
Hartwig Steenken and Simona
Hans Günter Winkler and Trophy
United States United States (USA)
William Steinkraus and Main Spring
Neal Shapiro and Sloopy
Kathryn Kusner and Fleet Apple
Frank Chapot and White Lightning
Italy Italy (ITA)
Vittorio Orlandi and Fulmer Feather
Raimondo D'Inzeo and Fiorello
Graziano Mancinelli and Ambassador
Piero D'Inzeo and Easter Light

Participating nations

Medal table


West Germany West Germany (FRG)

2 1 2 5

Great Britain Great Britain (GBR)

2 1 0 3

Italy Italy (ITA)

1 1 1 3

Soviet Union Soviet Union (URS)

1 1 0 2

United States United States (USA)

0 2 1 3

Sweden Sweden (SWE)

0 0 2 2



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