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Equestrian at the 1976 Summer Olympics

The Equestrian Events at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal included Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. All three disciplines had both individual and team competitions.


Medal summary

Individual dressage
22x20px Christine Stückelberger and Granat
Switzerland (SUI)
22x20px Harry Boldt and Woycek
West Germany (FRG)
22x20px Reiner Klimke and Mehmed
West Germany (FRG)
Team dressage
West Germany West Germany (FRG)
Harry Boldt and Woycek
Reiner Klimke and Mehmed
Gabriela Grillo and Ultimo
Switzerland Switzerland (SUI)
Christine Stückelberger and Granat
Ulrich Lehmann and Widin
Doris Ramseier and Roch
United States United States (USA)
Hilda Gurney and Keen
Dorothy Morkis and Monaco
Edith Master and Dahlwitz
Individual eventing
22x20px Edmund Coffin and Bally-Cor
United States (USA)
22x20px Michael Plumb and Better & Better
United States (USA)
22x20px Karl Schultz and Madrigal
West Germany (FRG)
Team eventing
United States United States (USA)
Edmund Coffin and Bally-Cor
Michael Plumb and Better & Better
Bruce Davidson and Irish-Cap
Mary Anne Tauskey and Marcus Aurelius
West Germany West Germany (FRG)
Karl Schultz and Madrigal
Herbert Blöcker and Albrant
Helmut Rethemeier and Pauline
Otto Ammermann and Volturno
Australia Australia (AUS)
Wayne Roycroft and Laurenson
Mervyn Bennet and Regal Reign
Bill Roycroft and Version
Denis Pigott and Hillstead
Individual jumping
22x20px Alwin Schockemöhle and Warwick Rex
West Germany (FRG)
22x20px Michel Vaillancourt and Branch Country
Canada (CAN)
22x20px François Mathy and Gai Luron
Belgium (BEL)
Team jumping
France France (FRA)
Hubert Parot and Rivage
Jean-Marcel Rozier and Bayard de Maupas
Marc Roguet and Belle de Mars
Michel Roche and Un Espoir
West Germany West Germany (FRG)
Alwin Schockemöhle and Warwick Rex
Hans Günter Winkler and Torphy
Sönke Sönksen and Kwepe
Paul Schockemöhle and Agent
Belgium Belgium (BEL)
Eric Wauters and Gute Sitte
François Mathy and Gai Luron
Edgar-Henri Cuepper and Le Champion
Stanny Van Paesschen and Porsche

Participating nations

Medal table


West Germany West Germany (FRG)

2 3 2 7

United States United States (USA)

2 1 1 4

Switzerland Switzerland (SUI)

1 1 0 2

France France (FRA)

1 0 0 1

Canada Canada (CAN)

0 1 0 1

Belgium Belgium (BEL)

0 0 2 2

Australia Australia (AUS)

0 0 1 1



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