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Equestrian at the 1996 Summer Olympics

The Equestrian events were held at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, Georgia (30 miles or 50 km east of Atlanta.)

Medal summary

Dressage individual 22x20px Isabell Werth and Gigolo
Germany (GER)
22x20px Anky van Grunsven and Bonfire
Netherlands (NED)
22x20px Sven Rothenberger and Weyden
Netherlands (NED)
Dressage team Germany Germany (GER)
Klaus Balkenhol and Goldstern
Martin Schaudt and Durgo
Monica Theodorescu and Grunox
Isabell Werth and Gigolo
Netherlands Netherlands (NED)
Tineke Bartels and Barbria
Anky van Grunsven and Bonfire
Sven Rothenberger and Weyden
Gonnelien Rothenberger and Gonnelien
United States United States (USA)
Robert Dover and Metallic
Michelle Gibson and Peron
Steffen Peters and Udon
Guenter Seidel and Graf George
Eventing individual 22x20px Blyth Tait and Ready Teady
New Zealand (NZL)
22x20px Sally Clark and Squirrel Hill
New Zealand (NZL)
22x20px Kerry Millikin and Out and About
United States (USA)
Eventing team Australia Australia (AUS)
Wendy Schaeffer and Sunburst
Gillian Rolton and Peppermint Grove
Andrew Hoy and Darien Powers
Phillip Dutton and True Blue Girdwood
United States United States (USA)
Karen O'Connor and Biko
David O'Connor and Giltedge
Bruce Davidson and Heyday
Jill Henneberg and Nirvana
New Zealand New Zealand (NZL)
Blyth Tait and Chesterfield
Andrew Nicholson and Jaggermeister II
Vaughn Jefferis and Bounce
Victoria Latta and Broadcast News
Show Jumping individual 22x20px Ulrich Kirchhoff and Jus De Pommes
Germany (GER)
22x20px Wilhelm Melliger and Calvaro
Switzerland (SUI)
22x20px Alexandra Ledermann and Rochet M
France (FRA)
Show Jumping team Germany Germany (GER)
Franke Sloothaak and Joly Coeur
Lars Nieberg and For Pleasure
Ulrich Kirchhoff and Jus De Pommes
Ludger Beerbaum and Ratina Z
United States United States (USA)
Peter Leone and Legato
Leslie Burr-Howard and Extreme
Anne Kursinski and Eros
Michael R. Matz and Rhum
Brazil Brazil (BRA)
Luiz Azevedo and Cassiana
Alvaro Miranda Neto and Aspen
Andre Johannpeter and Calei
Rodrigo Pessoa and Tomboy

Medal table


Germany Germany (GER)

4 0 0 4

New Zealand New Zealand (NZL)

1 1 1 3

Australia Australia (AUS)

1 0 0 1

United States United States (USA)

0 2 2 4

Netherlands Netherlands (NED)

0 2 1 3

Switzerland Switzerland (SUI)

0 1 0 1


Brazil Brazil (BRA)

0 0 1 1

France France (FRA)

0 0 1 1



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