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Equestrian at the 2000 Summer Olympics

The Equestrian Events at the 2000 Sydney Olympics included Dressage, Eventing, and Show Jumping. All three disciplines had both individual and team competitions.




22x20px Netherlands

2 2 0 4

22x20px Germany

2 1 1 4

22x20px Australia

1 1 0 2

22x20px United States

1 0 2 3


22x20px Great Britain

0 1 0 1

22x20px Switzerland

0 1 0 1


22x20px Brazil

0 0 1 1

22x20px New Zealand

0 0 1 1

22x20px Saudi Arabia

0 0 1 1

Eventing Individual

Medal Athlete Score
Image:Gold medal icon.svg Flag of the United States.svg David O'Connor (USA) / Custom Made 34
Image:Silver medal icon.svg Flag of Australia.svg Andrew Hoy (AUS) / Swizzle In 39.80
Image:Bronze medal icon.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg Mark Todd (NZL) / Eyespy II 42

Eventing Team

Medal Athlete Score
Gold Flag of Australia.svg Australia

Phillip Dutton / House Doctor
Andrew Hoy / Darien Powers
Stuart Tinney / Jeepster
Matt Ryan / Kibah Sandstone

Silver Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain

Ian Stark / Jaybee
Jeanette Brakewell / Over To You
Pippa Funnell / Supreme Rock
Leslie Law / Shear H2O

Bronze Flag of the United States.svg United States

Nina Fout / 3 Magic Beans
Karen O'Connor / Prince Panache
David O'Connor / Giltedge
Linden Wiesman / Anderoo


Dressage Individual

Medal Athlete Score
Gold Flag of the Netherlands.svg Anky van Grunsven (NED) / Bonfire 239.18
Silver Flag of Germany.svg Isabell Werth (GER) / Gigolo 234.19
Bronze Flag of Germany.svg Ulla Salzgeber (GER) / Rusty 230.57

Dressage Team

Medal Athlete Score
Gold Flag of Germany.svg Germany

Isabell Werth / Gigolo
Nadine Capellmann / Farbenfroh
Ulla Salzgeber / Rusty
Alexandra Simons de Ridder / Chacomo

Silver Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands

Ellen Bontje / Silvano
Anky van Grunsven / Bonfire
Arjen Teeuwissen / Goliath
Coby van Baalen / Ferro

Bronze Flag of the United States.svg United States

Susan Blinks / Flim Flam
Robert Dover / Ranier
Guenter Seidel / Foltaire
Christine Traurig / Etienne


Show Jumping Individual

Medal Athlete Score
Gold Flag of the Netherlands.svg Jeroen Dubbeldam (NED) / De Sjiem 4.00
Silver Flag of the Netherlands.svg Albert Voorn (NED) / Lando 4.00
Bronze Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Khaled Al Eid (KSA) / Khashm Al Aan 4.00

Show Jumping Team

Medal Athlete Score
Gold Flag of Germany.svg Germany

Ludger Beerbaum / Goldfever 3
Lars Nieberg / Esprit FRH
Marcus Ehning / For Pleasure
Otto Becker / Dobels Cento

Silver Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland

Markus Fuchs / Tinka's Boy
Beat Maendli / Pozitano
Lesley McNaught / Dulf
Willi Melliger / Calvaro V

Bronze Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil

Rodrigo Pessoa / Baloubet du Rouet
Luiz Felipe De Azevedo / Ralph
Álvaro Miranda Neto / Aspen
Andre Johannpeter / Calei



  • Imtiaz Anees
  • Jane Hoy
  • Khaled Al Eid
  • Markus Fuchs
  • Beat Maendli
  • Lesley McNaught
  • Willi Melliger
  • Luiz Felipe De Azevedo
  • Álvaro Miranda Neto
  • Andre Johannpeter



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