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Equestrian at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games

Venue Alabang Country Club
Location Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila
Date started November 30, 2005
Date finished December 4, 2005

The events of the Equestrian at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games featured the equestrian discipline jumping. The discipline was divided into individual and team contests. It was the only event open to all genders.

The events were held at the Alabang Country Club, on the suburb area of Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Medal winners





Individual Show Jumping Qabil Ambak
(Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia)
Horse: Camelias
Marie Antoinette Leviste
(Flag of the Philippines.svgPhilippines)
Horse: Globe Platinum Maktub
Juan Ramon Lanza
(Flag of the Philippines.svgPhilippines)
Horse: Don't Cry for Me
Show Jumping Team Event Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines ----

Joker A. Arroyo
(Horse: Without a Doubt)
Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski
(Horse: Globe Platinum Leap of Faith)
Juan Ramon Lanza
(Horse: Don't Cry for Me)
Marie Antoinette Leviste
(Horse: Globe Platinum Maktub)

Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia ----

Syed Omar Al-Mohdzar
(Horse: Cora)
Qabil Ambak
(Horse: Camelias)
Quzier Ambak
(Horse: Calano)
Lea Tan
(Horse: La-Bonita 2)

Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand ----

Nagone Kamolsiri
(Horse: Late Black Sun)
Sira Konglapamnuay
(Horse: Amber)
Dhewin Manathanya
(Horse: Nairobi)
Varat Ngowabunpat
(Horse: Luxor 91)

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