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Equestrian at the Friendship Games

Equestrian events at the Friendship Games included show jumping, dressage and eventing in both individual and team competitions. Events were held on three venues in Poland: Jumping events were held in Sopot between 6 and 10 August, dressage – at the Książ Landscape Park near Wałbrzych between 17 and 19 August, while eventing was held at the Modern Pentathlon and Equestrian Centre of the Lubusz Sports Club "Lumel" in Drzonków on 23–26 August 1984.


Medal summary

Individual dressage 1,705 1,703 1,649
Team dressage
Yuri Kovshov on Ruch
Olga Klimko on Barbaris
Olga Sirosh on Irtysz
Elżbieta Morciniec on Frez
Bogusław Misztal on Damian
Andrzej Sałacki on Mytrop
Ina Saalbach on Franziska
Magrit Böchme on Nox
Bernd Langren on Radames
Individual eventing 42.05 43.50 50.65
Team eventing
Jan Lipczyński on Elektron
Mirosław Szłapka on Leń
Adam Prokulewicz on Lagar
Bogusław Jarecki on Niewiaża
Valeriy Davidovich on Banitet
Yuri Salnikov on Poplin
Vladimir Tishkin on Fleur
Boris Gorchakov on Zairo
199.30 none*
Individual jumping 4 4 4
Team jumping
Tjark Nagel on Fregula
Stefan Scheve on Otto
Eberhard Saul on Gobi
Kurt Grevemeier on Sylvester
Federico Menghi on Benedict
Alesandro Galeazzi on Moreado
Stefano Scaccobarozzi on Jasil
Michelle Della Casa on Scarfel
Janusz Bobik on Szampan
Rudolf Mrugała on Gaudeamus
Wiesław Hartman on Hart
Jan Kowalczyk on Festyn ----

Horst Lösche on Neptun II
Egbert Arndt on Hanniball
Falk Siegling on Grolle Disch
Rolf Günter on Duant


* – Five teams competed, but only two completed the event.

Individual jumping jump-off

A jump-off was needed to determine the winner in the individual jumping event.

Rider Horse Penalties Time (s)
1 Scarfel



2 Otto



3 Gobi



Medal table

1 2 2 2 6
2 2 2 1 5
3 1 1 1 3
4 1 1 0 2
5 0 0 2 2


6 6 6 18

See also


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