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Equestrian center

An equestrian center is a place mainly for horses. People may board them if they have no room at their house or if it is for a competition. Equestrian centers are large stables. A stable is like a house with no rooms, only horse stalls. At an equestrian center they groom, feed, clean, shoe, and train horses.

People at an equestrian center

People who usually work at an equestrian center are grooms, stable hands, saddlers, riding instructors, and vets. Also there are usually two blacksmiths. They need usually 3 grooms if there are more than 20 boxes (stalls). Usually 2 stable hands, 2 saddlers, and a few riding instructors could be helpful at a center. 2 vets would also be needed depending on the size of the place and how many horses board. A groom cleans horses, mucks out stalls, and feeds them. A stable hand is like a helping hand. He/she helps with anything that is needed. A saddler fixes saddles by stitching, cleaning tack etc... A blacksmith makes shoes for the horses and cleans them. An riding instructor trains horses and teaches people how to ride and do certain sports on horses. And a vet is like a doctor for horses. Without these people, an EC can not run properly.

Horse Discipline

There are many Disciplines for horses, including cross country, racing, show jumping, barrel racing, trail riding, polo and many more. Certain Disciplines depend on the breed. For example, a Shire can't do jumping because of its weight, but it can do driving. Light horses usually jump, thin legged horses usually race, and heavy horses pull. Equestrian centers teach them there.


Most equestrian centers offer some services like these: indoor arenas are long and large indoor dirt (smooth dirt) path areas where people can ride their horses inside if it's raining, too hot out, too cold, or just because they want to. Some equestrian centers offer horse riding lessons where they teach you how to ride a horse. All equestrian centers must have nice healthy quality as in, it can't have dirty stalls with piles of dung in it. It must have over 30% health with an inspector to check it every month or so. If an inspector thinks it's too dirty, unhealthy, etc... he has the right to close it down.

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