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Equine herpesvirus 4

Equine herpesvirus 4
Virus classification
Group: Group I (dsDNA)
Family: Herpesviridae
Genus: Varicellovirus
Species: Equine herpesvirus 4 (EHV-4)

Equine herpesvirus 4 (EHV-4) is a virus of the family Herpesviridae that cause rhinopneumonitis in horses. It is the most important viral cause of respiratory infection in foals.[1] Like other herpes viruses, EHV-4 causes a lifelong latent infection in affected animals. These horses are usually the source for new infection for foals over two months old, weanlings, and yearlings. Symptoms include fever, loss of appetite, and discharge from the nose. Most infected animals recover in one to three weeks,[2] but death can occur in environments with overcrowding and other stress factors. There are several vaccines available (ATCvet codes: QI05AA03 inactivated, QI05AD01 live, plus various combinations).


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