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Equitrekking is the Emmy award-winning equestrian themed travel television show on the Public Broadcasting Service. Darley Newman, the show's host and producer, takes viewers to locations around the world for horseback riding and other adventure activities. The show features tourist-friendly ranches, trail rides, horse breeds, and equestrian events, as well as a variety of locations in the United States and abroad. The series visits off the beaten path destinations with local people to give viewers a greater sense of the history and culture of each locale.

Equitrekking first aired a pilot episode filmed in Ireland in July 2004 on Horse TV. The series then filmed a New Mexico episode which broadcast on KNME-TV in New Mexico. "Equitrekking" then began national broadcasts on Public Television through American Public Television. The 26-episode series now airs on PBS stations across the country and on international networks."Equitrekking" is also broadcast on CREATE, a Public Television lifestyle network.

Equitrekking is the first television series to explore the world on horseback and each episode is filmed in High Definition (HDTV). "Equitrekking" Won First Prize for Best Travel Broadcast in 2008 and 2009 and the "Equitrekking Travel Adventures on Horseback" book won the Merit Award for Best Travel Book in the 2008 North American Travel Journalist Association Competition. In May 2009, Equitrekking was nominated for two Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Special Class Series and Outstanding Single Camera Photography. In August 2009, Equitrekking won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Single Camera Photography. In May 2010, Equitrekking was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Special Class Series.

Past Seasons

Past seasons have taken viewers to Virginia Hunt Country, Ireland, Hawaii, Iceland, California Wine Country, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wyoming, Georgia Coast, Vermont, Colorado, Spain, Belize, Costa Rica, Kentucky, Southern Quebec, Arizona, Utah, Quebec City and Beyond, Scotland, Wales, Alaska, Central Turkey and Southern Spain. Season five is currently in production and includes episodes in Alberta, Jordan, Uruguay and Turkey.


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