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5-year-old European Championship

Group One International race
5-year-old European Championship
Location Various European racetracks
Inaugurated 1967
Race type Harness race for standardbred trotters
Website UET - 5 years old European championship
Race information
Distance approximately 2,100 meters (1.31 mile)
Qualification 5-year-old European-born stallions and mares, selected by national federations that are members of the European Trotting Union
Purse ≈US$132,000 (€100,000)

The 5-year-old European Championship, also called European 5-year-old Championship, is an annual Group One harness event that is arranged by the European Trotting Union, UET. The race takes place on a racetrack in one of the member countries of UET. The contenders are chosen by the different national trotting federations that are members of UET. Only 5-year-old European-born stallions and mares can be selected. The 5-year-old European Championship was raced for the first time in 1967.[1]

The 2009 championship will be raced at Treviso Racetrack, Italy, on July 26, and has a purse of approximately US$132,000, or €100,000.[2][3]


Racing conditions

The distance has most years been between 2,000 and 2,300 meters. There are two exceptions. In 1982 and 1986, the distances were 1,600 and 1,660 meters respectively. The distance interval has decreased and since 1990, the race has been over 2,060-2,150 meters. The race has always been started by the use of auto start.[4]

Past winners

Drivers with most wins

  • 2 - Eddy Freundt (1967, 1970)
  • 2 - Anders Lindqvist (1990, 1995)
  • 2 - Joseph Verbeeck (1998, 2003)[4]

Sires with at least two winning offsprings

  • 3 - Pay Dirt (Tarok, Granit Bangsbo, Hairos)
  • 2 - Cocktail Jet (Kiwi, Jetstile)
  • 2 - Express Rodney (Express Gaxe, Ex Lee)[4]

Countries, number of wins

Fastest winners

  • 1:11.3 (km rate) - Mara Bourbon (2005)[4]

All winners of the 5-year-old European Championship




Winning horse's native country

Winning time (km rate)


2008 Brioni Joakim Lövgren 22x20px Germany 1:12.1 Åby, Sweden
2007 Offshore Dream Henri Levesque 22x20px France 1:12.2 Vincennes, France
2006 Jetstile Geir Vegard Gundersen 22x20px Norway 1:13.1 Halmstad, Sweden
2005 Mara Bourbon Jean-Pierre Dubois 22x20px France 1:11.3 Vincennes, France
2004 Tsar d'Inverne Dominiek Locqueneux 22x20px Sweden 1:14.6 Treviso, Italy
2003 Kiwi Joseph Verbeeck 22x20px France 1:13.1 Treviso, Italy
2002 Abano As Pietro Gubellini 22x20px Germany 1:13.7 Treviso, Italy
2001 Zambesi Bi Mario Biasuzzi 22x20px Italy 1:13.8 Treviso, Italy
2000 Varenne Giampaolo Minnucci 22x20px Italy 1:14.5 Treviso, Italy
1999 General du Pommeau Jules Lepennetier 22x20px France 1:16.2 Vincennes, France
1998 Remington Crown Joseph Verbeeck 22x20px Sweden 1:15.1 Vincennes, France
1997 Call Me Veijo Heiskanen 22x20px Finland 1:14.6 Jägersro, Sweden
1996 Defi d'Aunou Jean-Etienne Dubois 22x20px France 1:15.6 Enghien, France
1995 Camino Anders Lindqvist 22x20px France 1:17.3 Bjerke, Norway
1994 Boss Is Back Jorma Kontio 22x20px Finland 1:17.7 Dinslaken, Germany
1993 Iata Käll Tommy Hanné 22x20px Sweden 1:14.6 Gelsenkirchen, Germany
1992 Shan Rags Noralf Braekken 22x20px Norway 1:15.1 Teivo, Finland
1991 Zico Star F. Asbjörn Mehla 22x20px Norway 1:15.1 Daglfing, Germany
1990 Atas Fighter L. Anders Lindqvist 22x20px Sweden 1:16.0 Vincennes, France
1989 Race cancelled due to A2 virus
1988 Piper Cub Stig H. Johansson 22x20px Sweden 1:16.3 Gelsenkirchen, Germany
1987 Krista Sidney Olle Goop 22x20px Sweden 1:15.9 Axevalla, Sweden
1986 Hairos John Hansen 22x20px Denmark 1:16.4 Cesena, Italy
1985 Granit Bangsbo Steen Juul 22x20px Denmark 1:16.8 Schaasberg, Netherlands
1984 Meadow Sonn Josef Sparber 22x20px Germany 1:17.7 Kuurne, Belgium
1983 Mr Black Olle Larsson 22x20px Sweden 1:16.4 Bjerke, Norway
1982 Dimma Björn Lindblom 22x20px Sweden 1:16.1 Naples, Italy
1981 Dartster F. Olle Hedin 22x20px Sweden 1:17.2 Vincennes, France
1980 Rocky Martti Ropponen 22x20px Finland 1:16.3 Vermo, Finland
1979 Ex Lee Dan Wegebrand 22x20px Sweden 1:19.4 Daglfing, Germany
1978 Express Gaxe Gunnar Axelryd 22x20px Sweden 1:16.6 Tor di Valle, Italy
1977 Tarok Jörn Laursen 22x20px Denmark 1:18.6 Åby, Sweden
1976 Faro Paul Essartial 22x20px France 1:17.0 Duindigt, Netherlands
1975 Micko Tilly Olle Lindqvist 22x20px Sweden 1:18.7 Bjerke, Norway
1974 Dines P. Michel Lecacheux 22x20px France 1:20.4 Vincennes, France
1973 Tim Cross Stig H. Johansson 22x20px Sweden 1:20.0 Sterrebeek, Belgium
1972 Cirro Sören Nordin 22x20px Sweden 1:19.1 Berlin, Germany
1971 Henri Buitenzorg Jan Wagenaar 22x20px Netherlands 1:22.5 Århus, Denmark
1970 Claudia II Eddy Freundt 22x20px Germany 1:19.4 Solvalla, Sweden
1969 Wallburg W. Root 22x20px Germany 1:19.8 Duindigt, Netherlands
1968 Fairland Bertil Rogell 22x20px Sweden 1:21.4 Bjerke, Norway
1967 Sebald Eddy Freundt 22x20px Germany 1:21.9 Gelsenkirchen, Germany



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