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European Trotting Derby

Group One International race
European Trotting Derby
Location Various European racetracks
Inaugurated 1985
Race type Harness race for standardbred trotters
Race information
Distance approximately 2,100 meters (1.31 mile)
Qualification 4-year-old European-born stallions and mares
Purse ≈US$607,000 (€460,000)

The European Trotting Derby, also called UET Grand Prix and Grand Prix de l'UET, is an annual Group One harness event that is arranged by the European Trotting Union, UET. The final takes place on a racetrack in one of the member countries of UET. The event is open for 4-year-old European-born trotters and was first raced in 1985.[1][2] The 2009 final will be hosted by Tampere Racetrack, Finland, and has a purse of approximately US$607,000, or €460,000.[3][4]


Racing conditions

The races

To qualify for the European Trotting Derby final, horses must progress from the qualifying races. These races takes place on two racetracks in two different countries every year, in 2009 at Vincennes, France and Tampere, Finland.[5]

Distance and starting method

The distance has most years been 2,100 meters. Some years, a slight variation has been made, but the distance has always been in the interval 2,000-2,140 meters. The race has always been started by the use of auto start.[2]

Past winners

Drivers with most wins

  • 2 - Dominique Locqueneux[2]

Trainers with most wins

  • 2 - Jean-Pierre Dubois (1987, 2004)[2]

Sires with at least two winning offsprings

  • 2 - Pershing (Mack the Knife, Atas Rocket)[2]

Countries, number of wins

Winner with lowest odds

Winner with highest odds

  • Winning odds: 22.00 - Progress Value (1994)[2]

Fastest winner

  • 1:11.7 (km rate) - Kiss Melody (2002)[2]

All winners of the European Trotting Derby





Winning horse's native country

Odds of winner

Winning time

2008 Qualita Bourbon Joseph Verbeeck Jean Baudron 22x20px France 1.51 1:13.2
2007 Virgill Boko Hugo Langeweg J:r Hugo Langeweg 22x20px Netherlands 3.34 1:14.0
2006 Oiseau de Feux Christian Bigeon Fabrice Souloy 22x20px France [6] 1:14.1
2005 Conny Nobell Björn Goop Björn Goop 22x20px Sweden 1.73 1:12.9
2004 Daguet Rapide Pietro Gubellini Jean-Pierre Dubois 22x20px Italy 1.65 1:14.2
2003 Naglo Örjan Kihlström Stefan Hultman 22x20px Sweden 4.29 1:13.0
2002 Kiss Melody Dominique Locqueneux Pierre Desiré Allaire 22x20px France 2.63 1:11.7
2001 Abano As Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 22x20px Germany 1.90 1:12.7
2000 Com Karat Dominique Locqueneux Jan Kruithof 22x20px Sweden 2.40 1:14.6
1999 Himo Josselyn Jean-Michel Bazire Jean-Michel Bazire 22x20px France 2.90 1:14.9
1998 Giant Cat Nicolas Roussel Nicolas Roussel 22x20px France 5.07 1:15.7
1997 General November Pekka Korpi Veijo Kivijoja 22x20px Germany 3.00 1:13.2
1996 Elision Jean-Pierre Viel Albert Viel 22x20px France 2.62 1:15.7
1995 Derby du Gite Heinz Wewering Sylvain Leliévre 22x20px France 10.01 1:14.5
1994 Progress Value Lennart Forsgren Kari Lähdekorpi 22x20px Sweden 22.00 1:15.1
1993 Ina Scot Kjell P. Dahlström Kjell P. Dahlström 22x20px Sweden 1.20 1:14.6
1992 Jexpress Dahlia Jorma Kontio Jukka-Pekka Kauhanen 22x20px Finland 1.91 1:15.2
1991 Market Leader Leif Witasp Leif Witasp 22x20px Sweden 11.30 1:15.8
1990 Ultra Ducal Paul Viel Paul Viel 22x20px France 4.01 1:15.4
1989 Tipouf Pierre Vercruysse Pierre Vercruysse 22x20px France 2.60 1:17.5
1988 Atas Rocket Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 22x20px Sweden 4.37 1:16.6
1987 Rangone Jean-Pierre Dubois Jean-Pierre Dubois 22x20px France 2.80 1:14.7
1986 Clash Hammering Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 22x20px Sweden 3.13 1:15.4
1985 Mack the Knife Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 22x20px Sweden 2.20 1:16.6



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  6. The winner Jocose was disqualified after a positive doping test. Since Oiseau de Feux was declared winner some time later, there is no winning odds.


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