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Eva Maria Pracht

Olympic medalist
Medal record
Bronze 1988 Seoul Team dressage

Eva "Evi" Maria Pracht (born June 29, 1937 in Würzburg, Germany) is a Canadian horse rider who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics and in the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Eva Maria Pracht lives in Cedar Valley, Ontario, Canada.

She competed as part of the bronze medal winning Canadian dressage team at the 1988 Summer Olympics. Evi competed with her equine partner, Swedish Warmblood gelding Emirage.[1]

She also Represented Canada [1]

  • 1982 World Equestrian Games: Equestrian - Dressage Individual
  • 1984 Summer Olympics: Los Angeles, Equestrian - Dressage Team and Individual - with equine partner Little Joe
  • 1987 Pan American Games: Equestrian - Dressage Team, Gold Medal - with equine partner "Emirage"
  • 1988 Summer Olympics: Seoul, Equestrian - Dressage Team, Bronze Medal - with equine partner Emirage
  • 1991 World Cup: Equestrian - Dressage Individual

In 2006 she choreographed a Grand Prix Dressage Quadrille for the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario.

The Quadrille was sponsored by SSG Riding Gloves. [2]

Eva Maria Pracht is the daughter of Josef Neckermann. Eva Maria Pracht's daughter Martina Pracht has also competed at an international level for Canada.

MARTINA PRACHT. Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany in !964.

In 1981, the Prachts moved to Canada and Martina began competing at the young rider level where she experienced tremendous success. In total, Martina has brought home seven medals, five gold and two silver, from the North American Young Rider Championships.

In 1987, Martina made a stunning international debut at the Pan American Games where she won team gold and individual silver medals, earning her a place on the Canadian Equestrian Team. In 1988, Martina (Little Joe) was the alternate rider at the Olympic Games, but had a chance to ride in her first Olympics in 1992 in Barcelona, Spain aboard Emirage, the same mount her mother had ridden in the previous Olympics. In 1993, Pracht and Emirage were named Canadian Grand Prix Champions. Martina and her mother retired Emirage at the 1994 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in a special ceremony. In 1996, Martina was once again named Canadian National Grand Prix Champion, this time riding the Hannoverian gelding Winchester. Martina debuted another horse, Amaloper, at the grand prix level with successful results and competed in the 1999 Pan American Games Selection Trials. 1st Grand Prix Reserve Champion, Ontario Dressage Championships Winchester. Georges CDI-W Windedge, Ste-Justine de Newton, PQ Cyklon. Silver Individual Pan American Games, Indianapolis Little Joe.

SABRINA VON BUTTLAR Daughter of Martina Pracht. Born March 31st 2001, in Canada. Has competed competitively since 2008 with several ponies by the names of Marilyn in the walk trot jump a miniature horse, Dante in the cross rails, and also Mr.Bojangles this year in short stirrups, children's ponies, and now to start small ponies. Also had won last year in palgrave aboard Mr.Bojangles they had won champion together which was a great start to their career together. In Florida 2010 they had been second, third,Sixth, seventh twice and 8th. Which also gave them a great start to 2010. Sabrina's trainer Erynn Ballard is having a very good career riding the horse Robin Van Roosendale. Last week Sabrina got 3rd place on Mr.Bojangles in the small ponies. This week Sabrina won a 8th place and a 3rd place in the small ponies on Mr.Bojangles.Also Sabrina and Mr.Bojangles will travel to Ottawa in the summer time.




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