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Federation of International Polo

Federation of International Polo was founded in 1983 with headquarters in Beverly Hills, and currently represents the national polo associations of more than 80 countries. It was the brain child of Marcos Uranga, then President of the Argentine Polo Association. The first World Polo Championship was played in Buenos Aires in 1987. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, the General Assembly of the International Olympic Committee granted the status of an IOC Recognized Sport and accepted the Federation of International Polo as the worldwide governing body for the sport of polo. This decision was confirmed ("outright recognition") two years later.

In addition to organising international tournaments, FIP also develops international tournaments for children, conducts umpiring and coaching seminars and encourages participation in the sport of polo at all levels and ages and produces the International Rules of Polo through a cooperative agreement with the AsociaciĆ³n Argentina de Polo [1], the Hurlingham Polo Association in the United Kingdom [2], plus the United States Polo Association [3].

The Federation is currently in turmoil, after the withdrawal of the US, Argentine and Hurlingham polo Associations, as these three represent over half of all polo players worldwide.

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