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Federico Tesio Stakes top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Federico Tesio Stakes, an American stakes race for three year-olds at 1-1/8 miles on dirt held at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.[1] (List 1973-present)

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2010 Bank the Eight Regal Warrior London Lane 5
2009 Miner's Escape Hehasnosay Tone It Down 8
2008 Icabad Crane Mint Lane Deputyville 8
2007 Xchanger Pink Viper Zephyr Cat n/a
2006 Ah Day Vegas Play Putonyerdancinshuz n/a
2005 Malibu Moonshine Hello Jerry Byanosejoe n/a
2004 Water Cannon Pawyne Princess Irish Laddie n/a
2003 Cherokee's Boy Penobscot Bay High Watermark n/a
2002 Smoked Em Magic Weisner Heir D'Twine n/a
2001 Marciano Talk Is Money Burning Roma n/a
2000 Runspastum Grundlefoot Inner Harbour n/a
1999 Talk's Cheap Stellar Brush Millions n/a
1998 Thomas Jo Medford Monk's Falcon n/a
1997 Concerto Bleu Madura Dr. Best n/a
1996 Tour's Big Red Connecting Terms Mixed Counts n/a
1995 Oliver's Twist Western Echo Flying Punch n/a
1994 Silver Profile Takeitlikeaman Honorable Flight n/a
1993 Woods of Windsor Dynamic Brush Raglan Road n/a
1992 Speakerphone Berkley Fitz Ameri Valay n/a
1991 Tong Po He Is Risen A Call to Rise n/a
1990 Smelly J. R.'s Horizon Flying Feet n/a
1989 Rock Point Wind Splitter Doc's Leader n/a
1988 Private Terms Michael Josh Royal Legend n/a
1987 Rolls Aly Templar Hill Restless Noble n/a
1986 Broad Brush Fobby Forbes Double Feint n/a
1985 Sparrowvon Bea Quality Joyfull John n/a
1984 Fourmatt D. White Spitalfields n/a
1983 Deputed Testamony Dixieland Band Island Champ n/a
1982 Hush Hush Hush Count Disco Dance Pavilion n/a
1981 Boston Tea Rowdy Rudy Fat Man n/a

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  1. Stakes Histories, The Original Racing Almanac 2009, page 374 on June 26, 2008.


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