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Filariasis (domestic animals)

Filariasis is a disease which occurs in domestic animals as in human beings.

Most documented species :


In cattle

  • Verminous haemorrhagic dermatitis : clinical disease due to Parafilaria bovicola.
  • Intradermal onchocercosis of cattle : losses in leather due to Onchocerca dermata, Onchocerca ochengi, Onchocerca dukei. Onchocerca ochengi is closely related to human Onchocerca volvulus (River blindness), sharing the same vector, and could be useful in human medicine research.
  • Stenofilaria assamensis and others : causing different diseases in Asia, on cattle and zebu.

In horses

  • "summer bleeding" : hemorrhagic subcutaneous nodules in the head and upper forelimbs, caused by Parafilaria multipapillosa (North Africa, Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia and South America).

In dogs

  • heart filariasis (Dirofilaria immitis)

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