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Finding A Horse Stud



Finding A Horse Stud











         Finding A Horse Stud







How to Find a Stud
Finding the right stud for your mare is very important. Follow these steps when searching for her ideal mate.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Looking for Mr. Right:

Step 1:

Look in the Yellow Pages under "Horse breeders."

Step 2:

Go to a local tack store and get horse magazines. Breeders generally advertise their studs in these magazines.

Step 3:

Talk to local owners of boarding facilities. If they don't have any studs there, they are likely to know where to find some and can usually recommend a breeder.

Step 4:

Talk to horse trainers and the local veterinarian. The horse world is very small and trainers are usually in the know.

Step 5:

Go to horse shows. Attend shows where you are likely to find the type of stud you are looking for, i.e., Quarter horse, Arabian, Thoroughbred.

Step 6:

Talk to the person you bought your horse from. It's likely she knows of studs of the same breeding.

Step 7:

Search the Internet, where there are a number of horse-related sites. Start with the site for your breed. Most breeding associations have a website and those have directories for breeders.

Setting up the "First Date":

Step 1:

Decide whether you want to leave your mare at a facility for a number of days or if you want your mare to have artificial insemination.

Step 2:

Ask how much the stud services are,what services are covered and how the mare will be fed and cared for.

Step 3:

Find out who will monitor the mare. Is there a veterinarian on-site or a mobile vet that makes barn calls?

Step 4:

Determine what would happen if the mare became ill during her stay.

Step 5:

Understand the terms of payment if the breeding isn't successful or the mare slips (spontaneously aborts) the foal.

Tips & Warnings:

There are usually regional horse magazines that cater to horse people in a specific area.

A horse's gestational period is 11 months.
A horse, for showing purposes, is considered to be born on January 1st and will become one year old the following January 1st. The later in the year a horse is born, the younger it will be for maturity and training purposes. Time your breeding carefully.

Take your time. Finding the right stud for your mare will give you a better chance of ending up with the type of foal you want. Be patient.


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