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Finding The Horse That Can Win

Finding The Horse That Can WinFinding The Horse That Can Win























How to Find a Horse That's Too Good to Be True

Race Horse

Finding a horse that is too good to be true is finding a horse that is highly valued to win the race, but is unlikely to win the race. You win by betting against that horse.

Determine if a Horse is Too Good to Be True

Step 1:

Go to the race track or off-track betting establishment in your area.

Step 2:

Check the TV monitors to see the odds set on the horses.

Step 3:

Look for a claiming race where horses are for sale, and the claiming and purse size are close or equal to each other.

Step 4:

Look for a horse that is valued at less than even money, such as 4:5 or 2:3.

Step 5:

Check the racing form to find out if the horse is, in fact, too good for the race.

Step 6:

Be extremely cautious with old horses; they are often better than they look.


Step 1:

Bet against the horse that is too good to be true by betting on every other horse in the race.

Step 2:

Bet as close to race time as possible.

Step 3:

Go to the window and give the cashier the money.

Step 4:

Be sure not to lose the ticket.

Step 5:

Claim your winnings once the race is over.

Tips & Warnings:

Horses to examine are those whose last race was for a cheaper claiming price, those who lost a race at the same claiming price, those whose last race was a win at the same claiming price and those whose last race was a win at a higher claiming price.
Gambling can be addictive. If you think you have a problem, get help immediately.


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