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Finding The Right Stud

When choosing a stud for your mare, it is best to find one that will complement the mare and produce a foal that has the best qualities of both animals, while avoiding the weaker qualities of each parent.


Conformation, size, and temperament are all traits that can be passed on and often determine if the foal will be successful in a chosen discipline.  Some stallions are great performers, but never sire offspring of a comparable quality; or they may produce fine fillies, but not colts.  Then too, not all stallions are fertile and can successfully impregnate mares.  


Stud fees ranging in price from $500 to $1,500 are common and may even go as high as $20,000 for champions in some disciplines.  Breeding to a proven stakes winning Thoroughbred could cost several $100,000.  Stud fees for breeding a "grade horse" or an animal of low quality pedigree may be as low as $100 to $200, but the stallion may be an unproven producer and the resulting foal will be of lower quality.


It is always best to "shop around" and talk to other owners whose mares have been successfully covered by a particular stallion.  Take the time to actually go see the offspring produced by a potential stud.  It will be well worth your efforts.



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