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First Aid For Horses Using Tee Tree Oil

Leg wrapAustralian Tea Tree Oil - First Aid for Horses
Ever heard of Tea Tree Oil? This is a natural anti-septic oil harvested from the Melaleuca tree in Australia and it is a wonderful topical first aid oil that can be used on most all animals for healing cuts and wounds. Tea Tree oil will dissolve pus within a wound, without damaging the surrounding tissue, thereby allowing the wound to heal with minimal scaring.

Tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-fungal and is used in many over the counter shampoo's and skin bracers. It is also an ingredient used in natural insect repellents and is great for clearing up thrush. You may now purchase a quality grade 1 ounce bottle of Tea Tree Oil at Wal-Mart (by the antiseptics) for a fraction of what you might pay at a health food store making this a must for any first aid kit.

Here are some great recipes you can make at home with Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil Salve - Liquefy four tablespoon's of Vaseline and add one teaspoon of tea tree oil. Stir well and allow this to set to harden. (Too much tea tree oil and it will not harden.) Use this salve for hot spots, cuts, wounds and lightly coat the inside of the horses ears to prevent those nasty flies and gnats from biting. If you have that crusty white coating on the inside of the ears, this will cure it within a month or so of application. This salve acts as a natural insect repellent! Do not use near the eyes.

Disinfectant, Insect repellent:

One teaspoon Tea Tree Oil to one cup warm water.

Place combination in a spray bottle and spray the inside of a trailer to minimize flies.

Spray buckets, tools, stalls, etc., when needing to disinfect equipment.

Spray your horse and yourself prior to a trail ride and prevent flies from bothering you.

Add two Tablespoons to your wash tub when washing blankets or saddle pads and allow this to soak for 30 minutes to disinfect.

Apply Tea Tree Oil directly to cuts and wounds. It will minimize pain and eliminate itching yet stimulates healing. This makes it great for sweet itch, greasy heel, ringworm and other dermatitises.

For Thrush, clean foot thoroughly. With a dropper drop Tea Tree Oil directly onto frog and infected area. Place a sock over hoof and secure with vet wrap. Apply two times per day. It will take about 3-4 days of consistent cleaning and it is a natural substance to work with.

Tea Tree Oil is not meant to be taken internally but it is wonderful to dab just a bit on mouth ulcers and sore gums. (Also makes a great lip balm and hand cream.) I don't know how I get through a summer here in the Rocky Mountains without it. Once you get to using it you will want to make an economy size container of salve.

To do this, purchase the large sized generic petroleum jelly. Place this in a saucepan with water 1/2 way up. Heat on medium until petroleum jelly liquefies. Stir in 1/2 ounce of Tea Tree Oil, stir well then remove and allow this to set. Don't forget to label it.


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