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Flying Childers Stakes

Group 2 race
Flying Childers Stakes
Location Doncaster Racecourse
Doncaster, England
Inaugurated 1967
Race type Flat / Thoroughbred
Sponsor Polypipe
Website Doncaster
Race information
Distance 5f (1,006 metres)
Track Turf, straight
Qualification Two-year-olds
Weight 9 st 0 lb
3 lb for fillies
3 lb for G1 / G2 winners
Purse £80,000 (2009)
1st: £45,416

The Flying Childers Stakes is a Group 2 flat horse race in Great Britain which is open to two-year-old thoroughbreds. It is run at Doncaster over a distance of 5 furlongs (1,006 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in September.

The event was established in 1967, and it was originally called the Norfolk Stakes. Its title was changed when the current Norfolk Stakes (formerly the New Stakes) was renamed in 1973. Since then it has commemorated Flying Childers, a famous 18th-century racehorse bred at Carr House near Doncaster.

The Flying Childers Stakes was given Group 1 status in 1973, and it was downgraded to Group 2 level in 1979. The race is held during Doncaster's four-day St. Leger Festival, and it is presently run on day three, the day before the St. Leger Stakes.



Leading jockey (5 wins):

  • Lester PiggottTribal Chief (1969), Marble Arch (1972), Gentle Thoughts (1973), Hot Spark (1974), Green Desert (1985)

Leading trainer (5 wins):

  • Sir Michael StouteMusic Maestro (1977), Marwell (1980), Green Desert (1985), Raah Algharb (1994), Saddad (2001)






1967 D'Urberville Jimmy Lindley Jeremy Tree
1968 Tower Walk Taffy Thomas Geoffrey Barling
1969 Tribal Chief Lester Piggott Brian Swift
1970 Mummy's Pet Geoff Lewis John Sutcliffe, Jr. 1:00.20
1971 Rose Dubarry Tony Murray Tom Waugh 0:58.10
1972 Marble Arch Lester Piggott Ted Curtin 1:02.80
1973 Gentle Thoughts Lester Piggott Ted Curtin 1:00.80
1974 Hot Spark Lester Piggott Dermot Weld 1:01.80
1975 Hittite Glory Frankie Durr Scobie Breasley 1:01.00
1976 Mandrake Major Willie Carson Denys Smith 1:02.80
1977 Music Maestro Greville Starkey Michael Stoute 1:02.50
1978 Devon Ditty Greville Starkey Harry Thomson Jones 1:01.80
1979 Abeer Steve Cauthen Jeremy Tree
1980 Marwell Greville Starkey Michael Stoute 1:01.40
1981 Peterhof Edward Hide Vincent O'Brien
1982 Kafu Greville Starkey Guy Harwood
1983 Superlative Tony Ives Bill O'Gorman
1984 Prince Sabo John Reid Brian Swift 1:00.60
1985 Green Desert Lester Piggott Michael Stoute 1:01.20
1986 Sizzling Melody Richard Hills Lord John Fitzgerald 0:58.91
1987 Gallic League Steve Cauthen Barry Hills 1:00.48
1988 Shuttlecock Corner Ray Cochrane Paul Felgate 1:00.59
1989 no race 1989 [1]
1990 Distinctly North Pat Eddery Jack Berry 1:00.23
1991 Paris House John Carroll Jack Berry 1:00.19
1992 Poker Chip Michael Hills Ian Balding 1:00.56
1993 Imperial Bailiwick John Williams Mark Usher 1:00.44
1994 Raah Algharb Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute 1:01.69
1995 Cayman Kai Pat Eddery Richard Hannon 1:01.01
1996 Easycall Michael Tebbutt Brian Meehan 1:00.08
1997 Land of Dreams Darryll Holland Mark Johnston 1:00.94
1998 Sheer Viking Michael Hills Barry Hills 0:59.94
1999 Mrs P Pat Eddery Linda Stubbs 1:00.25
2000 Superstar Leo Michael Hills William Haggas 0:59.32
2001 Saddad Richard Hills Sir Michael Stoute 0:59.94
2002 Wunders Dream Michael Fenton James Given 0:59.00
2003 Howick Falls Frankie Dettori David Loder 1:01.58
2004 Chateau Istana [2] Seb Sanders Nick Littmoden 1:00.36
2005 Godfrey Street Ryan Moore Richard Hannon 1:02.43
2006 Wi Dud [3] Neil Callan Kevin Ryan 0:58.39
2007 Fleeting Spirit Frankie Dettori Jeremy Noseda 0:58.46
2008 Madame Trop Vite Ted Durcan Kevin Ryan 1:00.22
2009 Sand Vixen Frankie Dettori Saeed bin Suroor 0:58.10

1 The race was abandoned in 1989 because of subsidence.
2 The 2004 winner Chateau Istana was later exported to Hong Kong and renamed Chateau King Prawn.
3 The 2006 running took place at York.


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See also

  • Recurring events established in 1967 – the Flying Childers Stakes is included under its original title, Norfolk Stakes.


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