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Fox Trot America

Fox Trot AmericaFox Trot America

As more riders are realizing the enjoyment and benefits of trail riding, the increased participation has resulted in more organized trail rides held throughout the country.  The MFTHBA Award Program provides a source of recognition for the Fox Trotting horse and rider who enjoy those benefits gained from pleasure trail riding.


The MFTHBA Fox Trot America Award Program is intended to recognize a MFTHBA horse through its participation in trail or distance rides.  The is no minimum of horses on each ride. The Program is based strictly on the honor system, in that the Program includes no financial awards whatsoever; it has no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, and it has no designated time frame for completing the required hours to receive the various recognition patches.  The reward of most trails rides is enjoying the companionship of fellow riders and seeing views not accessible via other transportation.  The MFTHBA Fox Trot America Award Program is designed to help the Fox Trotter owner keep a log of the hours accumulated by their horse when participating in these type rides.  The Program is also a way to encourage others to participate in pleasure trail riding and enjoy its benefits.  This will be done by awarding patches as various plateaus are reached.


Horse owners must complete an official Fox Trot America application and be a current member of the Association in good standing.  A one-time enrollment fee of $25 must be submitted with each application.  Membership in the MFTHBA may be obtained upon application with the appropriate fee enclosed.

Failure to maintain continuous MFTHBA membership shall result in forfeiture of the $25 enrollment fee.

Upon approval, each participant will receive the official MFTHBA Fox Trot America time log.  All hours must be recorded in these official time logs.

<object width="235" height="235" data="/filestor/4309e2a0/542/Fox Trot America.gif" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="/filestor/4309e2a0/542/Fox Trot America.gif" /> </object> Hours may be accrued by either riding or driving in harness a registered Missouri Fox Trotting horse.  The name and registration number of each horse will be listed on separate MFTHBA time log, one horse per log.  Awards will be based on the number of hours ridden or driven by an individual on each entered horse.

There is no time limit for completion of award levels, however, continuous membership of the horse owner must be maintained to receive awards.

MFTHBA reserves the right to change the terms or conditions of these rules as well as the awards.

The award will stay with the horse.


1,000 HOURS
1,500 HOURS
2,000 HOURS
3,000 HOURS
4,000 HOURS
5,000 HOURS


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