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Friesian The Fantasy Horse

Friesian The Fantacy HorseFriesian Horse Fantasy - a breed famous for sport, beauty and the movies

Friesian's are an original Dutch breed of horse. They get their name from the Dutch province of Friesland where the breed originated. 

Friesians have an ancient and proud history. Their strength and size made them excellent war horses. This was the horse of Julius Caesar, King Arthur, and Sir Lancelot.

Today Friesians are one of the most popular and "in demand" horses in the U.S. Their distinctive black color, luxurious manes and tails, and flashy feathers make them stand out from other horses. Their gentle temperament and intelligence add to their allure. People are drawn to their expressive eyes and elegant looks. Yet, they are also powerful versatile athletes; willing to please.

Friesians are large horses with an average Friesian ranging between 15.2 to 16 hands high. Their average weight is around 1300 pounds. They excel in driving and dressage, but they are also great all around horses. Their easy going dispositions make them great family and trail horses.
Today there are Friesian horse breeders in almost every U.S.state. The primary Friesian breed association in North America is the "Friesian Horse Association of North America". The breed is preserved through the strict registration and standards of the non-profit organization; "The Friesian Horse Society".

Because the "pure Friesian breed" almost became extinct (at one time there were only 3 pure blooded stallions left), breeding standards are very strict and rigorous. To comply with the Dutch breeding registry, approved mares can only be bred with approved stallions. In fact breeding an approved mare to a non-approved stallion can result in the mare's papers being revoked from the Dutch Registry.

Despite these harsh regulations, there are several sport breed associations that cross Friesians with other breeds. Some of the more popular associations are:

"The Friesian Sport Horse Registry"
"The Moriesian Horse Registry? (Friesian / Morgans cross)
"The International Friesian Cross Association"
"The American Friesian Association".

Famous Friesian Horses in Movies:

Friesians are natural show horses and have been featured in many movies including "Ladyhawke," "Mask of Zorro," "Interview with a Vampire," "Sense and Sensibility," "Emma," and "Disney's-Tall Tales." Many have credited the 1985 movie Ladyhawke where Michelle Pfeiffer rides the gorgeous Friesian stallion Orthello, as being a major influence on the breed's popularity in the U.S. In the 2004 movie Alexander (starring Colin Farrell). an amazing Friesian stallion was selected to play Alexander the Great's legendary horse Bucephalus.


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