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Breed: Thoroughbred
Sire: Precipitation
Dam: Maureen
Gender: Stallion
Foaled: 1939
Country: United Kingdom
Color: Bay
Owner: French National Stud
Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

Furioso was an influential sire of jumping horses, and is found in the pedigrees of many top show jumpers today.



Furioso's lineage including the horses Precipitation, Son-in-Law, Double Life and Dark Ronald

Furioso was a terrible racehorse, with zero wins out of 21 starts. However, he was a fantastic sire of jumping horses, standing in France. Furioso was ‘well balanced but with slightly knock kneed forelegs and tight hocks’[citation needed] and 'had good bone, and walked liked a Lord, with a magnificent pace, very energetic and showing a great deal of amplitude, his tail swinging at each step. His trot and gallop were good but not exceptional. Though full of life he was docile and had a good temperament.’[citation needed]

After World War II, he was purchased by the French National Stud, where he was used as a breeding stallion until his death in 1968.[1]


Furioso was in the lines of 17 of the top 100 show jumping sires of the 1990s.

  • Lutteur B (1955): Anglo-Norman, winner of the individual gold medal in show jumping at the 1964 Olympics
  • Furioso II: sired 10 horses that competed at the Tokyo Olympics
  • Mexico: Hanoverian
  • Urioso
  • Belphegor IV
  • Futuro
  • Gurioso
  • Urioso-Z
  • Belle de Mars (1967): Selle Français, Olympic team Gold
  • Finesse (1987): KWPN, leading showjumper
  • For Pleasure (1986): Hanoverian, dual Olympic team Gold
  • Goldfever (1991): Hanover, Olympic team Gold
  • Jus de Pomme (1986): BWP, Olympic Gold (linebred 4 x 5 to Furioso)
  • Khashm Al Aan (1987): BWP, Olympic Bronze
  • Laeken (1977): Selle Français, World Championship team Bronze
  • Leroy Brown (1984): Oldenburg, leading showjumper
  • Midnight Madness (1983): KWPN, European Championship Bronze
  • Pomone B (1959): Anglo-Norman, daughter of Lutteur B, World Champion
  • Quidam de Revel (1982): Selle Français, Olympic team Bronze
  • Quinta la Silla (1982): Selle Français, European Champion
  • Quito de Baussy (1982): Selle Français, World Champion
  • Rochet M (1983): Selle Français, Olympic Bronze and European Champion
  • Souviens Toi III (1984): Selle Français, World Championship team Silver
  • Thor des Chaines (1985): Selle Français, World Championship Silver
  • Twist du Valon (1985): Selle Français, leading showjumper

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  • Stonebridge, M. A. (1972). Great Horses of Our Time. New York: Doubleday. 

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