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Galleons Sunset

Galleons Sunset (Freezebrand: 01Z2316) is a bay harness-racing gelding from New Zealand . He was foaled by Sundon out of Galleons Dream on November 14, 2001 by the Fanny Allen Family Trust. He was trained by Derek Balle and is most notable for winning the 2008 Interdominion trotting title for Chris Lang.


Galleons Sunset's first Group One race was in the 2575m SEW-Eurodrive Australian Trotting Grand Prix at Moonee Valley Racecourse wher he finished 4th. His won his first race near the end of 2007 in the 1609m Bill Collins Trotters Mile with a mile rate of TR1:58.9 In early 2008, Galleons Sunset placed 2nd in the 2710m Sky Channel Dullard Trot Cup at Ballerat Racecourse. His next win was the upset at the Interdominion Grand Finale, that year held at Moone Valley, with a mile rate of TR 2:03.3. Early in 2009, Galleons Sunset placed third in the Vue Bar Skycity Cambridge Trotters and then went on to win the Tri Cups Golf Day Handicap. In the Dawn Balle Memorial Handicap, Galleons Sunset unexpectedly won the trot dedicated to the memory of his trainer's mother.


 ARNIE ALMAHURST (US)  1970 - 1:57.4TT  
                            ARNDON (US)  1979 - TR1:54.0TT       
                                               ROYDON GAL (US)  -  
   SUNDON USA  1986 - TR2:01.1  
                                               B.F. COALTOWN (US)  1960 - TR2:00.2TT  
                             SUNGAIT SONG USA  1979 -  
                                               PRINCESS DILLER (US)  -  
                 GALLEONS SUNSET NZ  2001 - TR1:58.9MS  
                                               HICKORY SMOKE (US)  1954 - 1:58.4TT  
                             CHIOLA HANOVER USA  1976 - TR1:57.8MS  
                                               CLORITA HANOVER (US)  -  
  GALLEONS DREAM (NZ)  1996 -  
                                               ROYAL PRESTIGE (US)   1983 - TR1:55.2MS  
                             CATHERINE THE GREAT USA   1988 - TR2:07.6  
                                               KATHY ANN HANOVER (US)   -



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