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Gallorette Handicap top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Gallorette Handicap, an American Grade 3 race for fillies and mares age three and up at 1-1/16 miles on the turf held at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.[1] (1960-present)

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2010 Rainbow View Quiet Meadow Ave 8
2009 Social Queen All Is Vanity Tejida 13
2008 Roshani Lady Digby Valbenny 5
2007 Precious Kitten A True Pussycat Trick's Pic 8
2006 Ozone Bere Humoristic Art Fan 13
2005 Film Maker Briviesca Humoristic 9
2004 Ocean Drive Film Maker With Patience 8
2003 Carib Lady Affirmed Dancer Lady of the Future 7
2002 Quidnaskra De Aar Step With Style 7
2001 License Fee Starine Crystal Sea 8
2000 Colstar Melody Queen Terreavigne 10
1999 Winfama Pleasant Temper Earth to Jackie 8
1998 Tresoriere Bursting Forth Starry Dreamer 7
1997 Palliser Bay Elusive Sangria 8
1996 Aucilla Julie's Brilliance Brushing Gloom 4
1995 It's Personal Churchbell Chimes Open Toe 6
1994 Tribulation McKaymackenna Fleet Broad 6
1993 You'd Be Surprised Captive Miss Dior's Angel 12
1992 Brilliant Brass Spanish Dior Stem the Tide 6
1991 Miss Josh Splendid Try Highland Penny 6
1990 Highland Perry Saphaedra Channel Three 8
1989 Dance Teacher Arcroyal Fortunate Facts 9
1988 Just Class Landaura Hangin On a Star 8
1987 Scotch Heather Catatonic Foot Stone 6
1986 Natania Scotch Heather Valid Dodge 12
1985 La Reine Elaine Stufida Lady Emerald 12
1984 Kattegat's Pride Amanti Bright Choice 7
1983 Wedding Party Sunny Sparkler Bemissed 8
1982 Island Charm Lovely Lei Vibro Vibes 10
1981 Exactly So Crimson April Ernestine 8
1980 Jamila Kadir The Very One Wild Bidder 10
1979 Calderina Dottie O. Warfever 10
1978 Huggle Duggle Council House Nanticious 10
1977 Summertime Promise Summer Session Siz Ziz Zit 9
1976 Redundancy Dos a Dos Margravine 8
1975 Gulls Cry Sarah Percy Twixt 10
1974 Sara Green Unknown Heiress Out Cold 14
1973 Deb Marion Aglimmer Groton Miss 11
1972 Sun Colony Tico's Donna Alma North
1971 Cold Comfort Daring Step Luminous Lagoon
1970 Singing Rain Shuvee Miss Fall River
1969 Back in Paris Singing Rain Persian Intrigue
1968 Serene Queen Staight Deal Politely
1967 Lady Diplomat Straight Deal Indian Sunlight
1966 Gold Digger Alondra II Petticoat
1965 Gold Digger Gallarush Lovejoy
1964 Gay Serenade Open Fire My Card
1963 Double Heritage Abby's Crown Doll Ina
1962 Waltz Song Cyclopavia Royal Patrice
1961 Barnesville Miss Colony Flyer Miss Melisande
1960 Sister Antoine Loyal Lady II My Dear Girl
1959 High Bid Polamby A Glitter
1958 Hooiser Honey Alanesian Cousin Con
1957 Searching Mlle. Dianne Snow White
1956 Little Pache Blue Banner Searching
1955 Searching Brightest Star June Fete
1954 Mlle. Lorette Dispute Another World
1953 Sabette Sunny Dale Canadiana
1952 La Corredora Kiss Me Kate Marta

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  1. 2007 Maryland Jockey Club Media Guide, page 57 on March 3, 2007.


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