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Geelong Cup

The Geelong Cup is an annual Australian Group 3 thoroughbred horse race. The race is open to horses of all ages and sexes. The race is held over a distance of 2400 metres at the Geelong Racecourse on the fourth Wednesday of October, and was first run in 1872.[1] The prize money for the 2007 race was $215,000 AUD,[2] and the race is considered one of the most reliable guides to the result of the Melbourne Cup.[3] The day of the race is a public holiday in the city of Geelong.[4]






2009 Leica Ding Danny Nikolic Darren Weir
2008 Bauer Damien Oliver Luca Cumani
2007 The Fuzz Craig Williams David Hayes
2006 Mandela Craig Williams Richard Yuill
2005 On A Jeune Kerryn McEvoy Peter Montgomerie
2004 Pacific Dancer Brad Rawiller Shaun Dwyer
2003 Zazzman Kerryn McEvoy Tony Vasil
2002 Media Puzzle Damien Oliver Dermot Weld
2001 Karasi Glen Boss David Hall
2000 Savrocca Craig Williams Jeff Rogers
1999 Bohemiath Jason Patton John Sadler
1998 Ancient City Brett Prebble Colin Alderson
1997 Oregon Star Greg Childs G.M. Hanlon
1996 Hereditas Brian Werner Peter Hayes
1995 Anfitrion Michael Carson Kelvin Bourke
1994 Grass Valley Rod Griffiths Colin Alderson
1993 Ultimate Aim Patrick Payne Colin Jillings
1992 Ali Boy R. Caddigan M. J. Phillips
1991 Newbury Star Brian Hibberd M. R. Campbell
1990 Mr. Brooker Greg Childs R. J. Hurdle
1989 (dh)Pacific Mirage Jamie Evans J. J. Houlihan
1989 (dh)Sea Legend Michael Clarke Colin Alderson
1988 Classic Bay Brent Thomsen M. B. Andrews
1987 Beau Trist Gary Doughty D.C. Harrison
1986 Fil De Roi Malcolm Pay I. A. Macdonald
1985 Korio Corrie May Lance O'Sullivan D. J. O'Sullivan
1984 Chagemar Darren Gauci G.T. Murphy
1983 Deb's Mate Debbie Healey H. S. Wadham
1982 Gujarat Danny Brereton R. F. Lawson
1981 Allez Bijou Gary Willetts C. J. Honeychurch
1980 Summer Fleur B. Clements G. T. Murphy
1979 Hauberk P. Jarman R. E. Hoysted
1978 Puramaka Harry White K. Lafferty
1977 Brallos M. Baker R. J. Banham
1976 Taminga Brian Gilders E. H. Broadhurst
1975 Dowling Girl M. Baker K. Kennedy
1974 Special Test G. Lambie I. Goddard
1973 Australasia J. Miller C. L. Beechey
1972 Hay Burner E. J. Didham J. J. Cowan
1971 Gnapur Harry White G. M. Hanlon
1970 Vansittart R. Setches G. M. Hanlon
1969 Double Steel W. A. Smith C. A. Wilson
1968 Bergman P. Jarman G. T. Murphy
1967 Royal Coral J. Johnson R. M. Clarton
1966 Craftsman Pat Hyland A. R. White
1965 Pleasanton Harry White G. M. Hanlon
1964 Jamagne J. Johnson H. H. Lehmann
1963 Nivek Pat Hyland K. Lafferty
1962 Napoleon V. Caddy A. D'Alton
1961 Ursalon Brian Gilders W. McNabb
1960 Tabess K.D. Campbell J. McDonald
1959 Paratone B. Quinlan A. I. Munro
1958 Mac B. Quinlan A. I. Munro
1957 King Boru A. Burton J. Kennedy
1956 Prince Abbott L. Campbell M. R. Macrae
1955 November Moon W. Camer T. J. Torpy
1954 Chidden N. McGrowdie H. Bird
1953 Abandoned
1952 Welkin Sun S. Martin N. Creighton
1951 Trust Me W. Williamson T. Lewis
1950 Purple Prince W. A. Smith E. J. Willmott
1949 Blank Music L. Lott J. Pengilly
1948 Royal Scott N. Powell F. A. Simpson
1947 Bruin R. Morrissey W. D. Rutzou
1938-46 No race
1937 Lord Carrington H. Badger T. Lewis
1936 No race
1935 No race
1934 (dh)Highway S. Bellchambers W. P. Brittain
1934 (dh)Viol D'Amour H. Badger E. J. O'Dwyer
1933 Bay Of Islands A. Breasley S. Masters
1932 Glaive H. Badger F. W. Hoysted
1931 El Rey W. Duncan J. Holt
1930 Taras A. Wilson J. G. Heywood
1929 Sea Pilot A. Dewhurst W. Hickenbotham Jnr
1928 Anan Louise W. Scanlon H. D. Parkinson
1927 Victorian King W. Duncan J. Holt
1926 Bombard A. Reed T. J. Hayes
1925 Glaxy A. Wilson J. Scobie
1924 Lillirie E. Simmons W. Beaton
1923 Mount Bernard H. Jones H. Cousens
1922 Tresco H. Foster W. D. McFarlane
1921 Rahda F. Straker N. D. Godby
1920 No race
1919 Luteplayer E. Barker W. Burke
1918 Blackwood F. Bullock L. Robertson
1917 Mnesarchus G. Browne A. J. Staughton
1916 Lady Moolton R. Lewis S. P. Casey
1915 Pouter E. Turner N. Scobie
1914 Roseview E. Turner C. Wheeler
1913 Porch W. P. Burn P. Guinane
1912 Roseview F. Clarke J. Breen
1911 Crete G. Lambert C. Moore
1910 Orline G. Lambert J. Fielder
1909 Tantalla G. Ross J. King
1908 No race
1907 No race
1906 Maninga F. Bullock J. Bloomfield
1905 Cluster E. Andrews R. Townson
1904 Mallard W. H. Smith J. Wilson (Jnr)
1903 Telemachus W. H. Smith L. Watts
1902 Merryman J. Conquest J. Wilson
1901 Marie Corelli W. Burn E. Power
1900 Model W. Burn E. Power
1899 Relic V. Turner J. Wilson
1898 Chit Chat H.J. Morrison J. Scobie
1897 No race
1896 Pivot J. Orr H. Harrison
1895 J5 W. Morrison
1894 The Clown C. Moore
1893 Newman P. McGowan A. Taylor
1892 Norbert A. Ray H.A. Bellamy
1891 Tantallon J. Campbell W.S. Hickenbotham
1890 Britannia E. Power C. J. Nicholls
1889 Malua T. Hales I Foulsham
1888 Gardenia M. O'Brien
1887 Camerine M. O'Brien
1886 Claptrap M. Trahan J. R. Crooke
1885 Camerine M. Trahan
1884 Linda T. Hales T. Wilson
1883 Gudarz T. Hales E. de Mestre
1882 Guinea T. Hales E. de Mestre
1881 Progress P. St. Albans J. Wilson
1880 Zambesi S. Cracknell
1879 Lord Harry G. Williams T. Wilson
1878 Newminster T. Hales T. Wilson
1877 Pride Of The Hills T. Hales J. Jenkins
1876 Emulation J. Kilduff T. Jordon
1875 Melbourne Boland J. Tait
1874 McCallum Mohr M. Thompson J. Tait
1873 Leo H. Grubb H. Tothill
1872 Flying Scud W. Wilson James Wilson


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