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General George Handicap top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the General George Handicap, a grade 2 American thoroughbred Sprint race run on the dirt at seven furlongs at Laurel Park Racecourse Template:Country data Maryland in Laurel, Maryland.[1]


First Place

Second Place

Third Place


2010 Greenspring Digger Ah Day 7
2009 True Quality Fabulous Strike Malibu Kid 7
2008 Bustin Stones Lord Snowdon Premium Wine 8
2007 Silver Wagon Ah Day Ryan's for Real 9
2006 no race no race no race 0
2005 Saratoga County Don Six Gators N Bears 9
2004 Well Fancied Unforgettable Max Gators N Bears 9
2003 My Cousin Matt Peeping Tom Disturbingthepeace 11
2002 Wrangler Rusty Spur Affirmed Success 8
2001 Peeping Tom Delaware Township Disco Rico 7
2000 Affirmed Success Young At Heart Badge 9
1999 Esteemed Friend Star of Valor Purple Passion 9
1998 Royal Haven Purple Passion Wire Me Collect 9
1997 Why Change Appealing Skier Le Grande Pos 10
1996 Meadow Monster Splendid Sprinter Can't Be Nimble 9
1995 Who Wouldn't Storm Tower Powis Castle 8
1994 Blushing Julian Chief Desire Who Wouldn't 12
1993 Majesty's Turn Senor Speedy Ameri Valay 7
1992 Senor Speedy Sunny Sunrise Formal Dinner 12
1991 Star Touch Profit Key Fire Plug 11
1990 King's Nest Wind Splitter Notation 12
1989 Little Bold John Oraibi Finder's Choice 13
1988 Private Terms Dynaformer Delightful Doctor 13
1987 Templar Hill Hay Halo Win Dusty Win 11
1986 Broad Brush Fast Step Swallow 7
1985 Roo Art Joyful John I Am the Game 8
1984 Judge McGuire American Artist S. S. Hot Sause 9
1983 no race no race no race 0
1982 no race no race no race 0
1981 Classic Go Go Thirty Eight Paces Aztec Crown 9
1980 Galaxy Road Leader of the Pack Ashanti Gold 7
1979 no race no race no race 0
1978 Ten Ten Game Prince Gala Forecast 8
1977 Do the Bump John U to Berry Steel Bandit 6
1976 Princely Game On the Sly Troll By 7
1975 Pendulum Sam King of Fools Broadway Reviewer 7
1974 Sharp Gary Jolly Johu Ground Breaker 10
1973 Ecole Etage Big Red L. Select Performance 9

designates an American Champion or Eclipse Award winner.


  1. 2007 Maryland Jockey Club Media Guide, page 45 on March 3, 2007.

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